Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We have been having fun at our house as you can tell!!

Dallin loves to find big trucks and tractors. We have a huge field behind our house and now a tractor is usually going back and forth. Dallin found the tractor and found a good spot to watch it. He wouldn't get down.

Dallin LOVES ice cream cones. I think his favorite part is the cone.

Our Jacob is growing so fast. He now loves to pull himself up. He loves the tv buttons too. I had just got him down and he was following me into the kitchen to get Dallin some cereal. I got Dallin cereal and got his little table out when I found Jacob here......

What am I going to do? I have to keep my eye on this guy. Dallin never was this adventurous. Jacob still is working on his balance so I worry a little especially on tile. I now close the bathroom doors because he loves to pull himself up and look into the tub. He loves to splash in the tub.

This is a perfect picture of Jacob's 2 bottom teeth. He loves to smile too and has an even cuter cheesy smile he gives everyone that will look at him. He now has his 2nd top tooth breaking through. It just started so a few more days and hopefully we can get back on track. I know his teeth hurt him. Our poor Sunshine!!

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the DeCampos Family said...

Jocaob is getting so big. he's standing up and all! Watch out sunday and monday!!