Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Crazy Couple of Days

We made it to Snowflake!! Thanks to everyone that helped us this last week. We had dinners, people to help load a trailer, and to help us clean. We owe you all! We got up here Thurs around noon. As we driving, there was snow on the ground and slush on the road. We knew we were in for some change in weather. It was raining and cold all afternoon. Thanks to Ryan's cousin and brother who helped unload our trailer. I went to Ryan's sister's house so Dallin could take a good nap. Then came the fun part. When I got back I didn't know where to start. I took pictures and will have to post them later. Ryan and I got started in one room and just kept working. We aren't all the way there but our duplex is starting to feel like home. We are just having a little hard time going to a smaller house with no closet or storage space. We went to Showlow (about 20 min away) today to go to Lowes and Walmart. Yes, that's the closest Walmart. While we were in Walmart, the power surged and all the registers weren't working. We had a basket of food and shelving. We left disappointed but laughing. We were experiencing small town life. We are going back tomorrow. It has been snowing and cold all day long. I laughed because just this last Tues we were in 109 degree weather and today the high was around 50 but that was late in the afternoon when the sun finally came out. Poor Dallin came here with a cold so this weather hasn't helped. He is so congested. We love and miss you all. Ryan has only gotten tears once so far. I was so exhausted and had a disaster in my house last night. I felt better once I got it out. Ryan has been an awesome husband and dad through all of this. He has taken great care of us. He even slept on the floor Wed night before the move when we accidentally got a twin blow up mattress. I love you honey!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dallin's learning

I have been working with Dallin this last month on different things. It's been fun seeing things click and how he's becoming our little boy. First, I have been showing him how to get on his tummy and go feet first off our bed. He has been doing that now all by himself. That scared me the first time. I wasn't sure what he was doing. He will also get off our couch that same way too. He also likes to pick up each leg as I hold his shorts in front of him to get dressed. That has taken awhile. At first, he could barely pick up one leg- darn balance thing. But now, he knows to lift one leg up at a time. Our favorite thing now started while I would read to him he would sit in my lap. Now he always likes to sit in my lap whether I'm ready or not. One day I was cleaning up a spot on the floor and I look up and there's a cute tushie backing up in front of me. He's just so cute! We are also so proud of finally holding up his arms for his sippy cup. He figured that out a couple of weeks ago. He would hold his cup but didn't understand to lift his arms. That took a long time but he's gotten it. I could keep going but just a few things that make me a proud Mamma!!
In the picture above, Dallin has found our screen door. It amazes me how much fun he has closing and opening our door.