Friday, September 21, 2012


Ryan is such an awesome, fun, loving Dad! He does so much for our family. I am so proud of him! Ryan is Elders Quorum president at church which keeps him busy. He loves working at SRP but isn't in love with working nights but we do what we have to do. He loves gardening, loves to do tractor work, loves playing with his kids, helping others, cooking, and loves to make his kids smile. He always is worried about us and that makes me smile- he tells me he just loves our family. We love Ryan and all that he does for us! Thanks for being so amazing!


I love life these days! I love watching our cute kids play and explore and discover life. I love playing with these cute kids too. I love helping Dallin with his homework. I love making Emma her goat milk formula everyday because I know it helps her to be happy and is easy on her sensitive tummy. I love snuggling next to Ryan. I love watching Jacob's love of life and becoming a big boy! I love reading books with Hannah and seeing her smile! I love making treats for the YW and visiting with them about personal progress. I love talking with my friends about life and kids! I love my life these days!

Dallin Gary

I love our Dallin Gary. He loves life and all that he gets to do these days. He loves playing with his friends and being outside. He loves helping Ryan do everything and loves doing tractor work with him. Dallin started kindergarten last month. He just loves it and loves learning. I am so proud of him. He loves to ride the bus and I love that the bus stops right in front of our house. Dallin also started playing soccer last month. He loves that Ryan is his coach and I love watching him play. He does so well. We are so proud of Dallin and the awesome boy he is growing in to!

Jacob Ryan

Jacob Ryan sure is growing up. He is our sweet, loving boy. He can be a little stinker at times and knows what buttons to push. He's growing out of that slowly. He just loves life and loves to have fun. He loves Emma and is always worried about her and wants to give her kisses. He loves playing and being just like Dallin. He loves ice cream, anything sweet, Curious George, anything Cars, and loves playing. Jacob loves going to Joy School and being with his friends. He loves to learn and will be right next to Dallin when he does his homework- Jacob is learning also. He will be all ready for kindergarten. He loves to help me in the kitchen and I love all the snuggles he loves. He still will ask me to hold him and I love those times. We sure love our Jacob Ryan!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hannah Nicole

Hannah Nicole is 2 years old today!! We love her so much!! She has always been our happy girl that loves life. Hannah loves to be just like her older brothers but is learning girly things are fun too. She got Disney dress up shoes and necklaces and bracelets from us today. She loves to wear them all. Hannah can count to 10 and then says blast off. She has started talking so much lately. This morning I was putting clothes in the washer and I heard Hannah say "Mom where are you?" She got most of the words in there. It was so cute. She also will say "Get out! Get out!" when she wakes up from her nap. She is still in a crib. I have tried to potty train her but she isn't ready. She kind of freaks out when I put her on the potty. We just got her a cute Minnie toilet seat to help her learn. I hope that helps. Hannah loves to take baths, do the hot dog dance at the end of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show (I love watching her do this dance), loves being on the tractor with Dad, loves otter pops, and is a good girl! I love you Hannah Nicole. Thanks for all the snuggles you give me and all the smiles and laughter we share together!

Emma Lacey

Miss Emma Lacey- as Jacob calls her- is our little sweetheart! This coming Tuesday she will be 5 months already! We finally figured her out and she has been on goat's milk the last 5 weeks. I make a formula for her just about everyday. Luckily living in St. Johns it's a lot easier to get fresh goat's milk than all the ingredients to the formula. She is finally our happy, easy going girl. She has been sleeping through the night the last couple of months. Sometimes though she rolls from her tummy to her back but has figured out she can roll to her side. She doesn't like sleeping on her back but her side is ok. She loves to watch the world and her big brothers and sister. She will smile at Jacob and Dallin- she was a little afraid of them for awhile beacuse they were always in her face and touching her. Hannah loves to have her right by her and will talk to her. The other day I was doing a few things and had put Emma on the ground by Hannah. I went to blow dry my hair and put Emma in her bumbo on the bathroom counter. Hannah came in and was whining. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I tried to give her a treat so I could get my hair done. She still wasn't happy. She started saying Emma, Emma and reaching for her. It dawned on me- she wanted Emma back by her. So, I put Emma in her bumbo on the floor in our bedroom so I could keep an eye on Hannah and put some toys by them both. Hannah was then happy. Emma loves to smile at anyone that will smile at her. We love this sweet girl so much!!