Saturday, August 20, 2011

11 Months

Our cute Princess is 11 months today!! She has really grown this last month. Last month started out not fun- she was teething and had a cold probably from teething. But once we got out the humidifier and rubbed her down with mentholatum every night, she got better and our happy girl came back. She now has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth although her 2nd top one is so close. I thought it was coming through but it changed its mind. It is still swollen so probably any day. Her hair has also grown this last month. She has these cute curls that everyone always tells us is cute. Hannah is so close to walking. If she holds our fingers she will walk everywhere. She just needs confidence and she will be running. She loves her brothers. If they just look at her she will give them huge smiles and will laugh at them. My favorite is when Jacob isn't really doing anything- not even looking at her- but she laughs and laughs and laughs at him. She really is such an easy going, fun little girl!! She loves life and we love her so very much!!!

This is so gross but Hannah loves the toilet. I try to keep the door closed but if I forget she will find it and play in the water.

Hannah all ready for church! I love her dresses!

Hannah loves to stand. She is helping herself in our pantry.

Hannah is feasting upon the scriptures literally. I found her eating a page. Those got moved fast.

Hannah loves her blanket. All of our kids love their blanket. All she needs is her blanket to make it all better.

Again, standing and playing!

She loves to eat Top Ramen noodles. She gets those every now and then for lunch. It's so fun to watch her eat them. She can slurp them up.

Hannah's big smile I love!!

This is so cute!!!

She got oranges for the first time and yes loved them. She is like her mom- loves fruit!!

The poor flowers- Hannah got to them. I was sad because they were all blooming.

Hannah loving cantaloup for the first time!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Kiddos

Our cute kiddos have been so much fun lately. We are getting on a routine with Ryan's crazy work schedule and we seem to be doing pretty well. Dallin starts preschool and speech in a month so back to the fun of running around. I thought this summer would be long and boring especially with Ryan's schedule and having to adjust to that. But I have to say it has been a fun, relaxful summer. We have enjoyed taking care of our garden, going on nightly walks, watering our flowers, and playing together as a family!!

We went to our friend's house for dinner last Sunday. Hannah is getting her 2 top front teeth so she was a little grumpy. I gave her Jacob's orange juice sippy cup to make her happy. She has played with it before and kind of just chewed on the straw. This time she got oj out. I was shocked. We rarely have straws. I was surprised she figured this out so fast. She now has her own sippy cup with watered down oj.

Our garden isn't doing as well as we would like. This has been a learning year for us. The soil isn't great. We have done garden boxes the last 2 years but Ryan wanted to do a big garden. We are excited to now be getting green peppers, tomatoes, and chili peppers right now. We have been working on it a lot lately. Jacob loves to follow behind Ryan and be has big helper.

Our Dallin is our creative one right now. Whenever he sees tape he grabes it and sets to work on his masterpiece on our window door. He will even grab a chair to get it just where he wants. He would use the whole roll of tape if I let him. At least tape is pretty cheap.


We have had a few problems with Hannah's earrings lately. One of the backs doesn't want to stay on right. Last Sunday I got Hannah up from her nap, threw her dress on, and headed to 11 oclock church. I didn't notice til almost the end of sacrament that she was missing an earring. I decided to run home and see if I could find the earring so it didn't close up on us and be really hard to put back in. I also needed to get a paper for a YW leader I had forgotten. I searched everywhere. I was shocked to find the back but not the front. I still haven't even vacuumed with hopes I can still find it. So, I looked at my earrings. I don't really wear little studs and saw these. Hannah isn't too young to wear diamonds is she? These are special to me beacuse Ryan gave them to me for our first Christmas! Hannah dazzled the rest of church with these on! Yes, she did get compliments for all her jewelry. She usually has a necklace on for church.