Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Bunches!

Dallin, Jacob and I would like to say happy birthday! Kimberlys birthday was yesterday, she keeped saying that it was just another day. I made sure that she knew it was her birthday all day. even when she was asleep. Dallin took her a flower in the morning to wake her up. He was so excited to give it to her, of course he then took it back and ran around the house playing with it, it was cute. Kimberly means the world to me she is always there for me and our little family. she is such a good mother and a wonderful wife. She lights up my life, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We love you! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Early Intervention Help

We are so excited Dallin qualified for early intervention help. This was a many step process that took almost 2 months. We had 3 ladies come to evaluate him and talk to us. When they told me he would get the help I was so relieved. We know that every child develops and progresses at their own pace but we also felt Dallin needed a little extra help. The best part is that it’s funded by the state and they come to our house!! Dallin sees the developmental lady once a week and the occupational and speech ladies once a month. I kind of feel bad because the occupational lady comes all the way from Flagstaff which is about 2 and a half hours away. She sees a few other kids in the area though. It’s so nice to talk to someone about our challenges and struggles and to know they understand and can point us in the right direction. Dallin has already made a lot of progress these last couple of months and we hope it continues. Dallin is a very smart boy and understands everything we tell him. He just has a hard time communicating back to us. He finally imitated his first word last week. Ryan and I probably looked like we had just won the lottery. We were so excited for him. They have us trying to have him imitate actions and then move onto imitated words. We know it will come in due time. We think Dallin’s favorite color is orange. Just the other day as we were coloring he kept saying orange when he pulled that color out. He doesn’t know any other color and I was surprised. He now will say orange when he gets juice out that is orange. So we think he actually knows that color. We have set a few other goals for Dallin and will keep working on them. When Dallin turns 3 in 6 months this program will end. But, they just learned that St. Johns will open their preschool up next year with help from the stimulus fund. They had to close it this year because of cut backs. If Dallin qualifies at that time for speech help, he will get to go to that preschool. We just love our Dallin and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he is in our family. He is such a kind, loving big brother with a tender heart!!!

Dallin loves to play with his cars and trucks. He always lines them up. It's fun to watch him.

Our Visitor

Last week it really started to down pour here. As Dallin and I were standing at our back door watching the rain, a bird flew in. I didn’t blame him because it was carzy outside. It kept landing on our fake plants and tree and would just fly around our kitchen and big room. Dallin would get so excited to watch it fly but if it went over his head he freaked out. I felt the same way. Dallin wouldn’t let me put him down the whole time. After about 10 minutes, the bird finally flew out the door. I was glad to see it gone and glad I didn’t find any bird poop.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 months

Jacob was 2 months yesterday. He is our sweet boy! He is a champ and sleeps great during the night. We are still working on taking good naps but that will come. He loves to watch the world and his big brother. We love this little guy so much!!

I love his cute, chunky cheeks. I kiss them all the time!!!

Dallin loves to wear our shoes!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our family

Our family has been plugging along and enjoying life. These are some adorable pictures of what we have been up to.

Jacob enjoys tummy time. He has gotten really good at holding his head up!!

Jacob loves to sit and watch the world. He looked and acted like he was trying to tell me a story. It just wasn't coming out right. One day he will tell me so much.

I found his feet sticking out one night. Ryan laughed but I had to take a picture- they are so cute!!

Jacob woke Dallin up from his nap one day. It surprised Dallin but he kept giving Jacob loves and didn't want me to take Jacob out of the crib.

Poor Jacob- he puts up with Dallin and all of the fun Dallin has with him. One day they will play all day long together!
Jacob will be 8 weeks this Wed. He loves to smile and coo and is a happy little boy! We love him so much!!

Dallin is always a BIG helper!!

Sorry this picture is dark but Dallin loves to do this. He will lay on the ground and push his cars all around.

We had a Farr reunion in beautiful Pinetop. Thanks Farrs!!! Dallin loved the stairs and kept laying down on them! He would just smile at me.

I found dallin in our tub one day playing with the shampoo bottle. I told him that was the shampoo. He opened the bottle and put a little on his hands. He then rubbed it on his head. At least he knows where shampoo goes I guess. I had to laugh and take a picture.

Ryan is such an awesome hubby and father. He does so much for our family. I love you honey always and forever!! We are still adjusting to his new work schedule- shift work. I knew the day would come but have been spoiled with his 4 ten hour days a week. Now he works 12 hour shifts and sometimes from 4:30 pm to 4:30 am. But we are grateful for a good job that pays the bills.

As for me, Life is good! I have 3 boys that I love so much!!! I still have 10 baby pounds to lose. Man I need to go on a diet. I hate stepping on the scale. I would love to lose 12 but who am I kidding. I would settle for losing 5 pounds. Watching my weight is the last thing on my list each day. I just do what I can!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jacob's Blessing

Last Sunday was a very special day. Ryan was able to bless Jacob in St Johns. Thanks to all of our family who came for Jacob's big day. It was a very special day for our whole family. We love you all!!