Monday, August 17, 2009

Our family

Our family has been plugging along and enjoying life. These are some adorable pictures of what we have been up to.

Jacob enjoys tummy time. He has gotten really good at holding his head up!!

Jacob loves to sit and watch the world. He looked and acted like he was trying to tell me a story. It just wasn't coming out right. One day he will tell me so much.

I found his feet sticking out one night. Ryan laughed but I had to take a picture- they are so cute!!

Jacob woke Dallin up from his nap one day. It surprised Dallin but he kept giving Jacob loves and didn't want me to take Jacob out of the crib.

Poor Jacob- he puts up with Dallin and all of the fun Dallin has with him. One day they will play all day long together!
Jacob will be 8 weeks this Wed. He loves to smile and coo and is a happy little boy! We love him so much!!

Dallin is always a BIG helper!!

Sorry this picture is dark but Dallin loves to do this. He will lay on the ground and push his cars all around.

We had a Farr reunion in beautiful Pinetop. Thanks Farrs!!! Dallin loved the stairs and kept laying down on them! He would just smile at me.

I found dallin in our tub one day playing with the shampoo bottle. I told him that was the shampoo. He opened the bottle and put a little on his hands. He then rubbed it on his head. At least he knows where shampoo goes I guess. I had to laugh and take a picture.

Ryan is such an awesome hubby and father. He does so much for our family. I love you honey always and forever!! We are still adjusting to his new work schedule- shift work. I knew the day would come but have been spoiled with his 4 ten hour days a week. Now he works 12 hour shifts and sometimes from 4:30 pm to 4:30 am. But we are grateful for a good job that pays the bills.

As for me, Life is good! I have 3 boys that I love so much!!! I still have 10 baby pounds to lose. Man I need to go on a diet. I hate stepping on the scale. I would love to lose 12 but who am I kidding. I would settle for losing 5 pounds. Watching my weight is the last thing on my list each day. I just do what I can!!


Wendi and Matt said...
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Julie Jan said...

It seems Dallin loves his new brother. Don't you love when they help out! They will be best buds in the years to come.

Amy said...

Cute pics! And Jacob is getting so big.