Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Best 3 Years of My Life

Ryan and I have been married 3 happy, amazing years. I still have to pinch myself that I am so blessed and lucky to have Ryan in my life. He has the biggest heart and does so much for me and our family. I really appreciate all the little things he does for me that make me smile. I love how he still opens my door and will even wait if I am putting Dallin in his car seat. I tell him that somedays he worries too much but that just shows how much he cares. One day while we were in Snowflake, Dallin and I had gone for a walk. I got this call from Ryan asking if we were ok. As I told him of course I thought it was an odd question- just a walk. He told me that he had heard a fire truck and a couple of police cars go racing by with sirens going. He had to make sure we were ok. I know he cares about me. I love how when we go for a walk or bike ride he always puts himself on the side with the traffic. He says he feels better that way. I always feel better with Ryan on my side. I love you so much always and forever!!!

This last Friday Ryan and I went to a Cubs Spring Training game. It was so much fun even though it was a blazing 90 degrees.

After the game we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate a yummy dinner. I splurged and we shared the best strawberry cheesecake.
Thanks for being you and making me so happy Honey!!!

Chickens and rabbits

This last weekend we went down to the valley. Dallin loves to go to Ryan's parents house. They have lots of chickens and rabbits. I know he would sleep with them if we would let him. No, we are not getting any chickens or rabbits right now. Grandma has tried to give us some many times.

Dallin was trying to feed them celery. They were more scared but he kept trying.

He loves to watch them. I know he wants to play with them.

Dallin had fun playing red neck golf with Grandma. Well, she played it and he would grab the balls.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been meaning to post these pictures so here they go.
First, Dallin was really sick for a good week with a bad stomach virus. He threw up 2 days, wouldn't eat anything, and we had lots of snuggle time while watching his favorite show Caillou.

This picture says it all. He followed me into the bathroom and laid down on his blanket to wait for me. My poor little guy! It was hard to see him so sick.

Our little guy- the lab lady said she can already tell he has Dallin's nose. Dallin was with us because we headed to the valley right after. I'm just glad Dallin doesn't have the big Farr nose.

One of my favorite pictures- our little one's feet.

We rented a baby heart monitor. Dallin loved to help listen and would kiss my belly and lay his head on my belly. He loves his brother!!

After we found our baby Dallin loved to try to find his baby.

Me at 20 weeks. I need to get an updated picture. My belly has grown a little. I now feel pregnant and I love when Ryan looks at my belly and just smiles at me!!

Tough Day

We love you Lily always and forever!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big 02

Happy Birthday our little man-we love you so much!! I can't believe Dallin is already 2. He sure is growing up so much. I think back to these last 2 years and we wouldn't trade our life for anything. We have had a few challenges along the way. Dallin had a little harder time figuring out life his first year. But everyday we looked forward and was determined to help Dallin in every way possible. This last year so many things have clicked and Dallin is figuring out and loving life. These last few months I let Dallin make his own decisions when it comes to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and things he wants to do. He even picks his own clothes out. It's cute to watch him dig in his drawer for just the right shirt he wants. He knows which one he wants. He loves these camo pants he has and is mad when he can't find them because I am washing them. We know he will be a great big brother. Ever since I was 6 weeks along Dallin has given the baby kisses and loves. I know he understands. When we had our ultrasound at 7 weeks Dallin came with us. Just after the baby was on the screen he said baby. One night Dallin was giggling in his crib many times. We just said he was already playing with his brother. Dallin is so curious with many things. It's neat to watch him examine things and try to figure out how they work. We are so blessed to have Dallin in our life!! Happy Birthday Dallin!!!

We love you Dallin so much!! Thanks for making our life worthwhile and so much fun!

South Fork

Yesterday we went to South Fork for the morning. It was about a 45 minute drive. Dallin loved the water and we had so much fun. It was such a nice morning and fun to be out in nature.

Ryan and Dallin having fun watching the water.

Better view from Dad's arms.

Having fun with Mom.

Dallin wanted to touch the water. It was coooold!!

Throwing rocks in the river with dad!!