Monday, January 25, 2010

7 Months

Jacob is getting to be a big boy. He is now trying to figure out crawling and is loving every moment in life. He is trying to get all of Dallin's toys, of course Dallin does not like that much. We are soo happy that he has come into our lifes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture Time

It's time for an update. Some of these pictures are from last month and spending time with both families at Christmas. Both boys are doing so well. Dallin is all boy and loves all of the fun cars and trucks he got for Christmas. Santa brought him a huge garbage truck which made his day. It has an arm to lift up cans and everything. It has been well worth the $20 and the Walmart trip we asked Papa to make so Dallin could get it. We are sad for only 6 more weeks left in the program he is in with the state. We love the 3 ladies we work with and Dallin has taken such huge steps forward. But, he will be 3 and onto better things. Jacob is just such a joy in our family. His nickname is Sunshine. Whenever he smiles, which is often, his whole face lights up. He is such a sweet boy. He is also so content in life. He doesn't have much interest in rolling and really isn't getting ready to crawl. But that will come soon enough. I'm just enjoying my sweet angel because he is growing up way too fast. Both boys are at fun stages. Dallin is really interested in helping me cook and being in the kitchen. Jacob is just loving life. We love our boys and cherish the memories we are making.

Our sweet Jacob!!

Jacob ready to go!!! It was a cold day.

Jacob has found how much fun a bumper can be. He even wakes up in the middle of the night and likes to play with it. I have found him with the bumper across his tummy just as happy as can be at 3 am.

Jacob loves his crackers. I don't know how much he is actually eating. He loves to make a mess but that's ok.

Dallin wanted to be just like Jacob I guess. He had even turned on the music.

Jacob being our happy boy!!

Grandma gave Dallin a huge truck with cars on the sides. He loves to line up all his cars.

We borrowed my sisters jump a roo. Dallin thought his turkey needed a turn. I love the legs dangling.

Jacob and Dallin got matching beanies. Jacob wanted to model it for you!!

Jacob loves to play in his crib! At least he likes his crib I guess.

We were trying to put Dallin in the bath. He still wanted to play.

Dallin was having fun bringing in all of his toys from the garage.

Dallin and Ryan on Christmas Eve. Dallin didn't want to leave Ryan's lap. It was so cute.

Jacob looking cute and content!!

Dallin had gotten everything out- bag of mix from pantry, bowl from shelf at bottom, beaters from the drawer, and I handed him the mixer. He was doing all of this while I was on the phone. After I got off I had to chuckle. He knew what he wanted to do. I told him we would but discovered we were out of butter and Jacob was taking his nap in 10 min. We waited for Ryan to get home to go to the store and we made cookies. Dallin was happy!

Dallin has started to love holding bags. When we leave a store he will take the bag from me. He also likes to hold his bag of toys and things for the road. He sure is growing up.