Monday, February 28, 2011

Dallin is 4!!!

I can't believe Dallin is 4. It seems just like yesterday I was going through 18 hours of hard back labor but Dallin was well worth it. We love him so much and we are so blessed to have him in our family. One year ago, we took Dallin to the amazing place SARRC. We found out he has autism but they gave us the tools to help him. I was very impressed with SARRC. And now, Dallin talks up a storm. We are now working on pronunciation of words. I understand him the best while others struggle. Just this last Saturday, he started singing the ABC song. He loves preschool and so do I. He is a great big brother and loves to help with Jacob and Hannah. Dallin also loves to help me in the kitchen and help with anything Ryan is doing. He is still doing awesome with potty training which makes me so happy. I asked him a few questions and it was so cute to listen to his answers....
What's your favorite color- blue. What's your favorite thing to do- play with toys. What's your favorite thing to eat- chicken nuggets (I would have put money on toast). What's your favorite thing to drink- orange juice. What's your favorite thing to watch- Curious George. I sure love this boy so much! Happy Birthday Dallin!

6 lbs 2 oz and 19 and half inches

We love Nana!!

Our sweet Grandparents!

We love and miss you Grandpa Great! Dallin always kept a close eye on Grandpa Great.

Curls, curls, and more curls!! Ryan didn't want to cut them off.

Bye bye curls! I'm a big boy now!

Dallin makes me want to be a better Mom! I love the hugs, kisses, smiles, I Love You's, and snuggles I get. He is growing up way too fast! We love you Dallin Gary!!!

My Honey

We needed to get our pictures taken for Stacey. She needed one with just Ryan and just me. So since we were all ready for church we snapped a few so we could send to her. Ryan had fun. The first one was what he did first- I called it his mug shot. Oh my Ryan- I love you so much always and forever. You do so much for our family. You make me feel special everyday and do what you can to lighten my load. I appreciate who you are and what you do. I love the little things you do. I love how you send me random texts to tell me you love me. I love the father you are, the friend you are, and the sunshine you are in my day!!!! I just love you so much always and forever!!!!!!

Now there is a picture of me on our blog.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jacob LOVES Chocolate

We have found out these last couple of weeks that Jacob LOVES chocolate!! We usually don't buy ice cream but when it is $2.25 how can you say no- and it was Dreyers. We gave the boys some after dinner one night. Dallin didn't eat too much of it. He's not a huge sweets fan. But Jacob was loving it. I had fun just watching him eat it. Jacob has also found my stash of chocolate for Young Womens. I got released as the Laurel Adviser and was put in a the Personal Progress Specialist. I tell the girls I don't like that name and to call me their BFF (Best Friend) because I'm here to help them with personal progress. Anyways, I bribe them with chocolate for bringing their personal progress book to church. Wow, what a little chocolate will do. Back to Jacob, he can open the door in our hutch and get into my chocolate. I need a new hiding spot since Ryan was the one that showed Jacob my stash when he had a sweet tooth. If Jacob is grumpy- chocolate usually solves the problem. Talking about all this chocolate is making me hungry!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Months

This last Sunday, Hannah turned 5 months! She is getting bigger and getting such a cute personality. We love her so very much! We started her on rice about a week ago. She does really well eating it. She rarely rolls either way- just a few times from tummy to back in her crib. I wonder if she will roll from her back to tummy first. Sometimes when she is on her back she turns her shoulders to watch the boys. All she has to do is turn her hips and she will be over. But, she doesn't seem to care about rolling either way. She still loves to talk and I love to hear her voice. She is such a good, easy girl! We are so blessed she is in our family!

Hannah loves her swing. I think it's mostly because she can watch the boys. And can keep a better eye on them. She will smile and laugh at both boys but Dallin gets the most.

Our happy Hannah!

She loves to look at herself in the mirror. I love the huge smiles she gives herself.

I propped her up on Dallin's dog while we were playing. She was having fun talking up a storm that day!

I love this picture. Jacob loves to give her toys when I give her tummy time. He was playing with dominoes and wanted to share with her. Our sweet kiddos!

Hannah and I were having fun playing on our bed. We were both having lots of fun!

Our cute girl!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Potty Training

I am so very proud of our Dallin!! This is week 1 of potty training for Dallin and he has done awesome. I decided to just go at Dallin's pace. I didn't push liquids like I would before. I just thought we are going to just see what he can do. Some mornings he didn't want to wear his big boy underwear but he would wear them. We had 3 days at our house and then Thurs he had preschool where I put a diaper on him and then church today he wore a diaper. He had NO accidents in his underwear!!! I did put him in a diaper for naps and bedtime. He's not quite there yet for that. I would ask him lots if he had to go potty but he was usually the one that told me he had to go. We even went to Wilburs (our grocery store) 2 times in the last couple of days and he told me had to go while there. Even tonight when we had friends over for the Superbowl, I was worried he would forget but nope- he told me 3 times he had to go. Like I said, I am so proud of this boy. It has taken a long time to get here but it is clicking and he is doing so well. I love this boy so much!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Happenings

Time feels like it is flying these days. It is already February!! Where did January go? I just love our kiddos so much! They are so much fun and growing and getting bigger!

Oh this little girl is so precious! I told Ryan we would have 10 more kids if they were all just like Hannah. Yes, I love our boys so much!!! But Hannah is such a good, easy going girl. She has been sleeping through the night (going about 11 hours) since 8 weeks and is usually just happy. We had her 4 month doctor appt 1 week ago. She is perfectly proportionate as the doctor said. She weighs 13 lbs 10 oz (I know look at her go), 24.5 in long, and I don't remember her head but each is in the 50%. I can't wait till she gets older and we do girly things together!

Our cute Jacob is such a sweet, kind hearted boy. I think he is going through a little clingy, wanting need of me. He wants to be in my arms and no one else in my arms. He loves to play with Dallin and can be a little stinker while playing. He likes to sometimes grab a toy Dallin is playing with and run away. He knows what he is doing. He loves to give kisses and loves his blankets!!! We love this cute boy so much!

Jacob thought it was fun to wear Daddy's hats. Guess he was cold!!

Oh our Dallin!! I love this boy so much and he is growing up fast! He has started to hum. Sometimes he hums as he is doing something and other times he just starts humming. Both Ryan and I love to stop what we are doing and listen to him. He sometimes will also sing along with the Bob the Builder song. He is doing so well with speech. A huge step for him is potty training. We took a week or so off because he was struggling and not wanting to wear his underwear. It's been hard because he has preschool 2 days a week and speech 2 days a week. It's been hard to have several days in a row to just sit at our house. I started it up again yesterday because we had 3 days. He has peed in the toilet before but never pooped until yesterday. He finally did it in the toilet. I was so excited and was screaming and Dallin kept saying we did it! I never thought I would be so excited for poop but I sure was. He hasn't pooped yet today but has told me 2 times that he has to go and has gone. I am soooooooooo proud of our Dallin. This is a huge step for him. We are throwing off his whole world by not putting on a diaper. He still asked yesterday to put his diaper back on but that told me he had to poop. I wouldn't put it on and after awhile he finally did it in the toilet. Enough about poop- we love Dallin so much and are so grateful he blesses our family!