Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

What a road our family has been on these last 6 months. We went from a devastating couple of days with our miscarriage at 15 weeks to coming to terms with our loss to finding out 6 weeks after our miscarriage we were already 5 weeks pregnant. Yes, we were very shocked, amazed, felt blessed, and a little nervous because we weren’t trying and I didn’t know what my body would do. It had been through a lot. Once again we felt our Heavenly Father’s hand in our life. He knows what is best for our family. We took this path together and I have to say at the beginning I was more nervous than anything else. We had just been through a lot. I am so grateful for Ryan and all that he does for our family. I am glad that he holds and honors his priesthood. The night we found out we were pregnant he gave me a blessing. I had a good feeling and peace from Ryan’s blessing. This pregnancy wasn’t easy at the beginning. It had nothing to do with our past. There were just a few worries with this one. I was told not to do much and put as little stress on me as possible so my body could do what it needed to. So I stopped running, tried to relax, and sit on the couch as much as possible. That was a little hard when moving week came when I was 10 weeks along. But Ryan made sure I didn’t lift anything heavy and do too much. With the worries of this one, we feel like we have been blessed to watch this one grow. We had ultrasounds done at 6 weeks, 7 and a half weeks, 10 weeks, and then 20 weeks. I feel like I already know this one because of all we have been through. I know we have a strong little one that is so excited to come to earth, gain a body, and join our family that they couldn’t wait. We can’t wait for our little one to join us too!! We are due July 3- my dad’s birthday! I am 20 weeks along and we just shared our news with family. We are glad to have this secret out!! We are having a BOY!!!! I have to say, Ryan and I both could not stop smiling the whole way down to the valley after getting our exciting news of a boy!!! I don't think I have stopped smiling- our little blessing!!!