Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Months

Hannah is 8 months today!! She is still our happy, easy going girl that loves life! She doesn't have any teeth yet but I think they are moving. She has been having some tummy problems, not sleeping as well, and she chews on everything she can get her hands on to. Got to love the fun teething stage! Her hair has changed a little this last month also. It was going really blonde but now some red is in it. She still loves to watch her brothers and loves to smile at them. Her and Jacob are good friends because Jacob gets down on her level and says hi to her and still gives her toys. She will just smile huge at him. Jacob has learned to be soft but sometimes forgets. A month ago, Hannah started the beginnings of crawling. I told Ryan she would be crawling by 8 months. As the month went on, she did her own thing. She was able to move how she wanted to. I was beginning to think she wouldn't crawl. Last Saturday she finally figured she go from her back to tummy. Then, last night she started to put it altogether. She crawled from the couch to tv without stopping. By the end of today she will be crawling around our house. Look out boys, here comes Hannah to get into your toys!! She still loves her sweet potatos and I have started her on baby yogurt which she loves. She also loves puffs and Cheerios. We just love this cute girl and are so glad she joined our family!!

Happy as can be in her carseat. The other day we went to Showlow and she spent 4 hours straight in her carseat. She didn't cry once and was so good. She is so good to travel with also. She will play and take little naps.

All ready for church!

I can crawl! I can crawl! I can crawl!!

She has found her foot and loves to put it to her mouth. I do feed her!

Poor Hannah! She was playing with the rug. I turned around and the rug was winning. She was not happy. I was mean and took a second to take a picture. She told me all about it for awhile.

This was the first run with Hannah and Jacob. Jacob ate otter pops and Hannah ate crackers. They were great together. I know the hat is a little small but the top of her head didn't get burned. She is fair skinned.

I usually feed Hannah in her bumbo. I just started to get out the high chair and feed her in there. She likes being up higher and watching her brothers.

I was doing the dishes and Jacob was eating yogurt. He put it down and Hannah was in heaven when she found it. Now she goes for any yogurt she sees. Jacob gets mad at her and says no Hannah if she starts coming after him. I just laugh!

Our precious girl we love!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dallin Graduated From Preschool

Dallin graduated from preschool today! Here he is with his awesome teacher Sherrie Greer. She has been so great working and helping Dallin with his needs. I could not ask for a better teacher for Dallin. Everytime she saw us outside of school, she got down on Dallin's level and said hi. Dallin learned a lot this year. He can count to 10, does pretty well counting all the way to 20, can count backwards perfectly from 5, sings the ABC song (she says that's his favorite and always would ask to sing it), sings the BINGO song, and has learned great social skills. At the beginning of the year he didn't interact a lot with the kids but now he talks to the other kids in full sentences. These last few preschool days he has worn his big boy underwear and has gone all by himself. That's huge because I didn't want to push it. His routine is me helping him and sometimes he wouldn't let Ryan help- had to be me. I wasn't sure what he would do at preschool so I waited for him to be ready. I am so proud of our Dallin. He has grown so much this last year! We are so lucky he is going to this same preschool next year! And one of his best friend's will be in it with him. We are excited for that also!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Love Our Daddy

This week Ryan is working his 3 nights and then training on Thursday night. We will have 4 straight nights without Daddy. We love Ryan and appreciate all that he does for our family. Our boys sure missed Daddy last night and I just have to share a few things that Dallin said. This is a big adjustment for him and for Ryan. It broke Ryan's heart as he left for work and the boys didn't want him to leave. We love you Daddy!!!

Dallin said as we were making dinner in the kitchen - the boys love to help in the kitchen- "We are eating dinner when Daddy gets home right Mommy. I hope he likes our dinner!" I didn't have the heart to tell him Daddy wouldn't be home till 5am the next morning.

Later on, "Mommy when is Daddy getting home so we can make more airplanes?"

At bedtime, Dallin was crying asking, "Is Daddy coming in to say goodnight?"

My heart just broke each time!! It will get easier and we will just keep talking about how Daddy has to work. I had to share because one day Dallin will probably be mad at us, his parents, and I will pull this up and show him!

Our sweet Dallin that I love so very much always and forever!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Crazy Week

This has been one crazy week at the Farr household! Ryan is back on shift work not by choice. Shift work consists of working 5 to 5 with some nights and some days. He has done this before and I always felt like our family life felt crazy. Ryan was always coming and going, sleeping during the day, and Dallin always missed him. But a job is a job and we are very grateful for it. I have some great friends here that are in my shoes and keep telling me they are here for me!! Gotta love friends. With Ryan having to sleep during the day at times, Hannah got kicked out of her closet room and the boys are now sharing. Ryan sleeps during the day in our closet. Hannah has done very well with the change. She now has a big room all to herself. No more clothes hanging around her pack n play but she was a trooper. She never complained. The boys- well- it has gotten better. It has been the hardest change for Jacob. He wakes up a couple of times during the night which isn't like him. It has gotten better as the week has gone on so that's good. It will just take time. As of now- who needs sleep anyways. I got a root canal done last week and it has been bothering me ever since. I saw the dentist yesterday for the next step and my temporary cap was probably too high causing pain. I wasn't sleeping great right along with Jacob. Hopefully our house will calm down and everyone will get back on track with sleeping. Onto fun news, Hannah is so close to crawling. It is so fun to watch her. She will be running before we know it!

This is my dear friend Christa with Hannah at our friends baby shower. Christa is the barvest person I know!! She has stage 4 breast cancer and is always so positive. You are my hero Christa!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kiddos Pictures

This last Friday, my wonderful sister Wendi helped me get pictures of our kiddos at the temple. They turned out really cute and all 3 kids did better than I thought. Thanks Wendi for all your help!! These are some of my favorite....

I love our kiddos so much!!!