Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Love Our Daddy

This week Ryan is working his 3 nights and then training on Thursday night. We will have 4 straight nights without Daddy. We love Ryan and appreciate all that he does for our family. Our boys sure missed Daddy last night and I just have to share a few things that Dallin said. This is a big adjustment for him and for Ryan. It broke Ryan's heart as he left for work and the boys didn't want him to leave. We love you Daddy!!!

Dallin said as we were making dinner in the kitchen - the boys love to help in the kitchen- "We are eating dinner when Daddy gets home right Mommy. I hope he likes our dinner!" I didn't have the heart to tell him Daddy wouldn't be home till 5am the next morning.

Later on, "Mommy when is Daddy getting home so we can make more airplanes?"

At bedtime, Dallin was crying asking, "Is Daddy coming in to say goodnight?"

My heart just broke each time!! It will get easier and we will just keep talking about how Daddy has to work. I had to share because one day Dallin will probably be mad at us, his parents, and I will pull this up and show him!

Our sweet Dallin that I love so very much always and forever!!

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