Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to our Sunshine Jacob!! I can't believe he is already 1! Time is flying and we are loving each day! Jacob sure is a sweet boy! He loves his older brother Dallin and loves to follow him around. They have a cute game they like to play. Jacob will touch a toy of Dallin's, look at Dallin, Dallin will laugh, and Jacob crawls away as fast as he can. They do it over and over again. They also like to play with Dallin's big car. Dallin will be in his car and Jacob will push the car from behind. Jacob can even keep up with Dallin when he gets going fast. There is a picture below. Jacob also loves to take baths, push cars and trucks around, eat otter pops, watch Baby Einstein dvds, snuggle with his blanket, and play with Daddy. Jacob also likes to throw things down and say uh-oh. It always makes me laugh! He has just started to take many steps on his own. He will, every now and then, let go of what he is holding and take several steps. He loves to practice walking between Ryan and I at night. If we get his feet planted he can walk almost to each of us and has even turned and taken a step or two. He will be walking with Dallin before we know it. We just love our Sunshine so much!!

Happy Birthday Jacob!!! We love you so much!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


This conversation just happened!!!

Dallin: Daddy me love Jacob!

Daddy: What Dallin? (a little surprised)

Dallin: Me love Jacob!

Daddy: You love Jacob?

Dallin: Yes! Me love Jacob!

Daddy: That's so sweet Dallin! We love you and Jacob!

I just wanted to cry!! We love you Dallin so much! We have been working so hard to get Dallin to say "love you!" Guess it has paid off!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We went camping this last weekend with Ryan's family. Thanks Chad and Amilee for planning such a fun time! We camped at Bear Canyon Lake. I loved all the trees and the beauty of nature. Dallin had so much fun camping. He was able to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa and even went to the lake with them while Ryan and I stayed so Jacob could take a nap. That was huge for Dallin. He struggles leaving our side. I heard he was at the front of the pack on the hike to the lake and back. And yes, it was a good hike with some tough parts. Go Dallin go!!! Jacob had fun camping too. He would have enjoyed it more if he were walking but that's ok. He even got to snuggle right next to us the 2nd night of camping. That was a rough night but who needs sleep. We can't wait to go camping again but hopefully Jacob will be walking the next time.

All the grandkids! It was fun trying to get a good picture of these cuties!!

Jacob loving being outside in nature.

I love Jacob's smile!

This picture turned out pretty cool with the fire and Dallin sitting on a rock!

Grady and Dallin had so much together!!

Jacob had fun playing down by the lake.

Dallin LOVED fishing! He had patience and would sit and wait!

Dallin also LOVED going in a boat. I thought he would be scared and not want to go but he was a big boy! He thought it was cool he got to ride in a boat.


These are a few pictures of the fun we have here! Our boys are loving life! They are still learning how to play together nicely. I have to laugh, these last few days Jacob hasn't felt very well. He doesn't have patience for Dallin getting mad at him for playing with his toys. Jacob has started to get mad and make noises back to Dallin. I just laugh and tell Jacob to stand up for himself. That might not be the best thing to do but one day they will play side by side peacefully. It has gotten better. I am teaching Dallin to move his toys or to say help when he doesn't want Jacob to get into what he is playing with. As you can tell, Jacob loves being in the bath. He is usually all smiles and won't get out. When he is grumpy and I can't make him happy I will sometimes throw him in the bath. Of course, the smiles all come out and I sit on the floor and try not to get wet. He loves to splash and play with his little cup.

Jacob's cute face!! Can you see how long his eyelashes are? I am so jealous!! Both boys have long lashes!

Our boys love taking baths.

Dallin loves to give Jacob kisses! Now why can't they be like this all the time! I guess boys will be boys!

More smiles!!!

Like I said, Jacob loves baths!!

Jacob and Dallin playing just after dinner!

I wonder who will win!! Dad usually wins and the boys end up being thrown on the bed and laughing hard.

Our cute Dallin we love so much!

Jacob loves pushing his hippo around! He has taken a few steps but still needs confidence.

Dallin loves his car! I love to listen to his beep noises as he goes backwards. Poor Jacob has to look out sometimes when Dallin has his car.

Dallin doesn't like to look at the camera when we try to take his picture. So, when we get cute ones like these I just melt. He is such a good big brother and I love the little things he does. I love all the kisses he gives me, how he loves to hold my hand, and loves to come up to me and say "Momma pick me up." Dallin makes me want to be a better mom.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryan Gary

I just have to tell Ryan how proud I am of him. Two weeks ago we found out he has pretty high cholesterol. It kind of surprised both of us and the nurse at his work that did the blood work was very surprised too. Ryan isn't overweight and doesn't eat that bad. We think genetics is playing a part in his numbers. We went and saw the doctor to see what we needed to do. Ryan has been working so hard at eating healthy, exercising, and staying on track. He gets home from work and does 30 min on our eliptical machine- I would be too tired to do that- and he goes to the track with me sometimes. He has even lost 11 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I tell him that's not fair. He's not suppose to lose weight and become skinny as my belly is growing. He just laughed at me when I told him that. I am just so proud of Ryan. He is working so hard at becoming and staying healthy. He says he is doing it for our family so he is around a long time. I tell him we will be one of those old couples that sit in their rockers on their porch and hand each other their teeth. I sure love you Honey. Keep up the hard work!!