Thursday, June 17, 2010


We went camping this last weekend with Ryan's family. Thanks Chad and Amilee for planning such a fun time! We camped at Bear Canyon Lake. I loved all the trees and the beauty of nature. Dallin had so much fun camping. He was able to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa and even went to the lake with them while Ryan and I stayed so Jacob could take a nap. That was huge for Dallin. He struggles leaving our side. I heard he was at the front of the pack on the hike to the lake and back. And yes, it was a good hike with some tough parts. Go Dallin go!!! Jacob had fun camping too. He would have enjoyed it more if he were walking but that's ok. He even got to snuggle right next to us the 2nd night of camping. That was a rough night but who needs sleep. We can't wait to go camping again but hopefully Jacob will be walking the next time.

All the grandkids! It was fun trying to get a good picture of these cuties!!

Jacob loving being outside in nature.

I love Jacob's smile!

This picture turned out pretty cool with the fire and Dallin sitting on a rock!

Grady and Dallin had so much together!!

Jacob had fun playing down by the lake.

Dallin LOVED fishing! He had patience and would sit and wait!

Dallin also LOVED going in a boat. I thought he would be scared and not want to go but he was a big boy! He thought it was cool he got to ride in a boat.


Christa Johnson said...

I just finished reading the past two blog entries and they were SOOOO SUPER CUTE!! Your boys are just getting to know each other and it is so great. I loved all the fun "real life" playing shots and the trip to the lake looked like tons of fun! You have such a wonderful family and I love reading your blogs because you have such a great perspective on motherhood!!
hopefully I will get to see you sometime this summer. Just call me when you are in the Valley and maybe after radiation is over I will be able to travel and see you sometime.
Love ya,

Wendi and Matt said...

how fun!! i want to go camping soon! lucky