Monday, January 24, 2011

My Bunches

I sure love Ryan so much always and forever! He does so much for me and our family. He makes me want to be a better person. He is an awesome Dad that comes home from work and does what he can to help out with the kiddos. I love how he does those little things for me all the time. Last night I had to give a talk at New Beginnings (3rd year in a row). I wasn't nervous until yesterday came. When I got home Ryan had done everything around the house to make sure I didn't have to do anything- just relax. He knew I was nervous. He got the boys' heaters out in their rooms, pj's out for everyone, Hannah's bath stuff out and ready, her bottle made and ready to go, picked up the house, and even dishes from dinner were all taken care of. Boy that did make my life easy. I know those are little things but when someone else does them and you don't have to worry about it- it's kind of nice. I just wanted to make sure Ryan knows that I appreciate everything that he does and I appreciate the person that he is! I love you so very much always and forever!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 Months

Where is the time going? Hannah is 4 months today! We all love her so much and she has gotten so fun. Both Ryan and I can really get her laughing which then turns into hiccups for her. She has just started to figure out her hands and is trying to hold things or grab things. She loves to watch Dallin and has started smiling at Jacob. Jacob is still trying to figure out this little girl. It's so cute to watch them together. If she is crying the boys usually get there before me. Dallin still calls her Princess which just melts my heart. Dallin is a great big brother and takes care of her. He's a big help when she loses her paci. And let me tell you- she is a huge paci girl. Jacob never took a pacifier so I guess I kind of forgot about those things. Hannah doesn't have to have it when she is awake but boy does she need it to sleep. She's still sleeping through the night although she went through a phase for about a week where she woke up in the middle of the night. I would pat her back and give her her paci. She always went back to sleep. We are getting back on track with sleeping through the night which I am so grateful for! I know she is suppose to be in our family at this time and I feel so blessed to be her mother! I never thought I could love 3 kiddos as much as I love ours! Life is good!

Typical Hannah- a huge smile for Mommy!

I just love this girl!

I love this picture althought I didn't love it at the time. She was suppose to be taking her nap but didn't want to sleep very long. She was up on her hands just looking around!

And Hannah loves to eat her hands!! They are always in her mouth!

Ready for church!

I think in this picture she was smiling at Dallin!

We started to put her in her bumbo about 2 weeks ago. She was unsure about it at first. Now she likes to sit in it and be right there as we are doing things in the kitchen. And of course- another cute smile!! I thought Jacob was a very social, happy baby but Hannah takes the cake. Hannah will smile and talk to whoever looks at her. I took her to Sunday School with me last Sunday. She was talking to the lady behind me and was getting so loud and so cute. People were turning around looking at her. I had to laugh inside me.

Monday, January 17, 2011


We got our boys these cute matching outfits! I was so excited when we got them in the mail. Ryan even wore his blue shirt to match. I just love my boys so much!

Our boys weren't too happy to stand still for pictures. They still look adorable!

Dallin sure has grown up. He went to Primary for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was so worried. With Dallin's autism, change is always hard for him. This was a huge change. He loved nursery. To my surprise, he did so well. I think it helped that his friend Clara sat next to him. She comes over to play. He sits and watches but doesn't sing. My good friend is in the Primary Presidency and she told me that he's doing so well. I'm just happy this was an easy change. We are still working on potty training- that's a huge change for him.

Our cute Jacob that would not smile for me. We think he's going on a growth spurt. I love all the kisses he gives me. He loves to be Dallin's partner in crime. We are still working on him going to nursery- hopefully that comes soon.


Jacob is so cute when I give Hannah tummy time. He always gets her a toy to play with.

And of course Hannah always gets loves and kisses.

Dallin did this the other day at the store. He always surprises me!

It's always more fun to eat breakfast with lots of trains!

Jacob now loves to eat with Dallin on the little table. Sometimes they just start to play and have fun and don't eat. Oh well!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Boys

We love our boys so much! They are so fun to watch play together. They are learning that playing together is fun. If I ask Dallin to do something he tells me no- they are playing!

Our boys enjoying their favorite- orange juice! I love their Christmas pj's! Jacob loves to say choo choo whenever we put them on. Dallin was so excited to open his after he saw what Jacob had.

We love you Dallin and Jacob!!

Our Family

Our family had a fun Christmas in the Valley. Santa found our house the Wed night before Christmas and we had lots of fun opening presents Thurs morning. It was fun with 2 boys excited to open presents. We decided to go to the Valley Thursday morning instead of Friday. I knew we were in trouble and were in for some fun when Jacob's eyes were goopy and red by the time we got there- pink eye. Thankfully we called our doctor and he called in drops for us. We have learned with Jacob when it rains, it pours! That night started a long rest of our trip. Jacob was grumpy, not eating, not sleeping and making it a little hard to really enjoy Christmas with both families. By Sunday, I knew we needed to take him to Urgent Care. Jacob ended up with a bad ear infection (first one for our family), a bad sore throat (no strep), and a 103.6 temperature. It took several days but we finally got our happy Jacob back. We got home Tuesday from the Valley and that night my eyes started to get goopy and I was thankful we had the drops. Jacob had already given me his bad sore throat which I thanked him for. We all are battling sickness. I now have a bad cough and Hannah got up yesterday with a little goopy eye. Ryan is the only one that hasn't gotten pink eye. We got lots of snow last week but it was way too cold to even go play in it. One morning last week we got up and it was -21 degrees. Way to cold to be outside! We satyed home and enjoyed time with daddy. Ryan had to go back to work today:( We love having daddy home to play with! I can't believe it is already 2011. This last year went way too fast! We hope you have an amazing 2011 filled with lots of love, joy, and success!!

Dallin LOVED opening presents. He could have opened them all day!

All the fun Santa left for Dallin- each boy got Chuck the Talking Truck. He even moves on his own. Dallin also got Noah's Ark. He loves all the animals and plays with it all the time. Each boy also got a book, dvd, a thomas the train, and treats.

All of Jacob's fun that Santa left!

Jacob's turn to open a present. You can tell his eye is a little red but he had no goop till we got to the valley that afternoon.

Jacob loving the treats!!

Dallin playing with his Noah's Ark!

Hannah being a good girl enjoying the day! She's getting so big- 3 and a half months already!!

This was one of my favorite presents we gave our boys- a huge dog! Ryan wasn't as excited but as you can see Dallin's has to sleep with him but only for his nap. At bedtime his dog sleeps right next to him on the floor. The boys love them- thanks Nana for finding them!

Dallin picked these shirts out for everyone. See what happens when you let boys go shopping!! It was so cute! When they got home Dallin took Hannah's onesie up to her and kept showing it to her.