Monday, January 17, 2011


We got our boys these cute matching outfits! I was so excited when we got them in the mail. Ryan even wore his blue shirt to match. I just love my boys so much!

Our boys weren't too happy to stand still for pictures. They still look adorable!

Dallin sure has grown up. He went to Primary for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was so worried. With Dallin's autism, change is always hard for him. This was a huge change. He loved nursery. To my surprise, he did so well. I think it helped that his friend Clara sat next to him. She comes over to play. He sits and watches but doesn't sing. My good friend is in the Primary Presidency and she told me that he's doing so well. I'm just happy this was an easy change. We are still working on potty training- that's a huge change for him.

Our cute Jacob that would not smile for me. We think he's going on a growth spurt. I love all the kisses he gives me. He loves to be Dallin's partner in crime. We are still working on him going to nursery- hopefully that comes soon.


Amy said...

They are adorable!!! It's fun dressing your boys the same for church...I can't wait for Easter, I already got my boys matchy ties!

Wendi and Matt said...

How cute! I love the smiling picture of Dallin!!

Christa Johnson said...

Kimberly...all your boys are soooo adorable in their matching church outfits!!!!!! I LOVE dressing boys in fun church outfits. I bet my boys get sick of it, but I never do.
I can't believe how old they are all getting and it is so great to see them interacting with each other so well. You are the greatest mom and I love reading your blog because you love your family sooooooo much and your love just shines through the pages. AWESOME!!!
Love ya!

Go Farr Family said...

What a delightful little precious family...