Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Have A Daddy And Husband Again!

As Dallin says in the cutest voice, "I did it!!!" Our family did it!! Today at 2, we are done with Ryan's crazy schedule of 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. It has been a long 7 and a half weeks. I can't believe today is the last day. There were times that were hard and frustrating but also times that I will cherish with the kiddos so much. I feel like Dallin has also grown these last 2 months. We told him he was the man of the house while Dad was gone. I loved the moments with Dallin when he would want me to rock him. That lasted only about a week but boy did I love that week of snuggling and rocking him. I also loved how when we read books, he would tell me he wanted to read me the book. I would sit there and just watch our sweet boy ramble off words. It also has seemed to click with Dallin and manners. He started to say sorry and please and thank you. We have been working on that for awhile but it seems to have clicked these last 2 months. Yesterday I cleaned our house. Jacob kept walking on my clean, wet floor and he would fall. I was getting a little mad at Jacob and as I picked him up to love him I heard Dallin say "Sorry mom. It's my fault." Boy has Dallin sure grown. I just wanted to pick him up and never let that boy of ours go. I also will cherish the moments when Dallin would sit next to me and look at me and start laughing. His laughing would make me laugh. One time Dallin and I were laughing and we couldn't stop. Ryan didn't understand what was so funny. With our Jacob, he sure has had to grow up these last 2 months with Hannah here. He couldn't be held and loved like he was used to. It was hard for him at first but he learned that he is a big boy. I will cherish the moments with Jacob when he would grab the remote or my phone and run. He would turn and give me this look and then start this infectious laugh. I found myself laughing and chasing him and loving it. I will also cherish the moments when I had a few tears and Jacob would come up to me and give me a kiss. He's such a sweet boy. It also never seemed to fail that when I checked on Hannah during a nap Jacob was right behind me doing his shhhhhhhh sound. It always made me smile. I sure love our boys!!! Our Hannah sure has grown too. She loves life and loves to be apart of our family. I learned so much about myself these last 2 months too. I learned to let the little things go and if I don't shower it will be ok. We can't wait for Ryan to be home and to enjoy him for a few days. I don't have to set his alarm or make his lunch!!!!! And Santa is coming tonight! I think I am the most excited about that!

Monday, December 20, 2010

3 months

Hannah is such a sweet, happy, easy going girl! We just love her so much! She has figured out there is a world around her these last 2 weeks. It has been so much fun!She will watch me, smile big at me, and has even started to talk to me. She is still sleeping through the night which has been heaven sent. She eats at around 8 and goes right down and gets up between 7 and 7:30. I'm so glad she has kept that up for the last month. I just love our little girl so much! I can't believe she is already 3 months!

I love how when she smiles, her whole face and body lights up!

Dallin is such a great big brother. He loves to put his blanket on her. He will even put her paci in her mouth when she is crying. The other day, we were going for a drive and he wanted to hold her hand so she would sleep. She was tired and crying and he kept saying "It's okay Princess!" I just love our kiddos! Hannah has even started to smile at Dallin which just melts my heart.

Another cute smile from our Princess!

Hannah will just chill and be a good girl if I need to do a few things. Soemtimes I feel bad because I have 2 boys that still me and she doesn't always get the attention. Jacob is getting better and learned that I can't always hold him. All I have to do is talk to her if I'm doing something and she will look for me and when she finds me I get big smiles!!

Our cute Princess!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What We Have Been Up To...

We have been staying busy lately. Here are a few things we have been up to...

* We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Ryan's parents home. I think I heard 49 adults and many, many cute kiddos. I don't remember how many turkeys we had but several. It was a nice day spending time with loved ones.

* Jacob amazed me at Thanksgiving that he could stack pop cans. He got 4 or 5 high. I was impressed. He did that so many times- the things that entertain them.

* We had some sick kiddos which is never fun! Dallin threw up in the middle of one night and spent the next couple of days with, well, I'm sure you don't want the details. It was his stomach. I think we all got a little touch of what Dallin had. Hannah got another cold but just a little one this time.

*Dallin and Jacob have learned that it is fun to play together. My favorite is when Dallin hides and sits in a spot and yells for Jacob to find him. Jacob runs over laughing and both boys think it is soooo funny. Dallin always is in the same spot. It's so nice when they play nicely together!!!

* We put up Christmas decorations 2 weeks before Thanksgiving- is that against the rules??

* Dallin worked so hard on putting all of magnets on our fridge. He was so proud of himself when he was done. He won't let me take any off!

* Ryan has worked, worked, and worked some more! One more week of 6 days a week 12 hour days! 7 days left- let the countdown begin!

* Jacob got his 2 top molars and is now working on his 2 bottom molars- lucky Ryan he has missed that fun!!

* Dallin still loves preschool!! He wishes it was everyday. He made this bead candy cane and held onto it for several days. He even fell alseep holding it!

* On Dec. 7 Ryan's Grandpa passed away peacefully surrounded by loving family members. His funeral was Dec. 11. We love you Grandpa Great!! We took Ryan's cousin down to the valley. I sat in the backseat with the boys. Dallin held my hand most of the way down. He loves to hold my hand.

* On Dec 11 I was very blessed to be able to be in the Mesa Temple as Cindi, Rob, and their family were sealed for time and all eternity in the temple. We are so proud of your family and love you guys so much!! It was a circle of life day for me- funeral in the morning and sealing in the afternoon.