Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dallin's Favorites

As you can see, Dallin has many favorites. First, he loves to hold his hands. He has always done it but now that he knows he has hands he likes to hold them tight. Another of his favorites is to play peek-a-boo. He kicks his legs and moves his arms when we put the blanket on him. He laughs and smiles big when we pull it off. Another thing Dallin has found is his shirt. He loves to pull it to his mouth. Yes, he is teething. Lastly, I think this is so cute. We usually go walking early in the morning and he has found the stroller. Sometimes I see 1 leg up there but sometimes its both. I just love my munchkin so much and am loving every minute of being a mom!!

Dallin's First Food

Dallin had rice for the first time last Sunday. We made it really runny and he seemed to like it. Monday we made it thicker and he didn't like it but we plugged along with it. By Wednesday he finally figure it out. He was a big boy and seemed to know what to do. It was fun to do this big step with many more fun steps ahead of us!!

Our Family

This is our first real family picture we have together. I love Dallin's shorts.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Fun Week

I know it has been awhile since my last post but it has been a fun, exhausting week. One word, sick! My poor boy has a cold and his congestion is pretty bad. The saddest part is that I probably got him sick. I feel so bad for him. We elevated his crib but that doesn't seem to help. It has been a long week but we just keep plugging along. We have seen so much snot this week. A funny story but if you are queasy you might not want to read. So, we were leaving a store and Grandpa had Dallin. By the time we got to our car there was snot from both sides of his nose down to his chin. Looking back now we both laugh. Poor Dallin! Hopefully this fun is almost over and we can get back to peaceful, quiet nights. Pictures next week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Fingers

As you can see, Dallin loves his fingers. He is always putting them in his mouth. This past week Dallin had his 4 month check up. The shots went better this time because the nurse was faster. But it was still hard on me. Dallin weighs 13 lbs. 12 oz. and is in the 25 percentile for weight. His length is 26 inches and that puts him in the 80th percentile for length. We don't know where this height is coming from. Dallin is a happy, healthy, adorable, cutie pie that we love so very much!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Dad

As you can see, Dallin loves being with his dad. Ryan had just finished feeding Dallin and I came back into the room and this is how I found them. Both sound asleep. Dallin also liked helping Ryan clean out the car. We weren't planning on Dallin swimming but when I put his feet in he was fine. So, Ryan took him and Dallin went swimming for the first time. That's why Dallin still has his clothes on. They both loved it! Ryan is such an amazing dad. Everytime Ryan comes home or walks into the room all he has to do is talk to Dallin. Dallin's face lights up and he always gets the biggest smile. It's so cute. They just have a bond and I love watching both of them. If Ryan had it his way, he would sleep right next to Dallin in his crib. I love how everynight before he goes to sleep he has to go in to check on Dallin one more time. Thanks for being a superb dad. We both love you so much!!

Pinetop Fun!!!

Aunt Wendi is always having fun with Squeakers- that's her name for Dallin.

Dallin had fun with Dad. He especially liked the fishing part. But, they didn't catch anything.

We had a blast in Pinetop. Thanks Cindi for being our Event Planner. The Christensen reunion was a huge success. Where are we going next year? This was our first big overnighter with Dallin. He struggled a little but we all survived. Mom was more worried than anyone else. It was so nice to escape the heat and enjoy family and being altogether.