Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 months

Today Hannah is 2 months. She is such a sweet girl and is already our Princess. Dallin has even started to call her Princess too. She has started to give us big smiles and Ryan can even get her to laugh. It is so fun to watch her with the boys. Sometimes the boys won't leave her side and she just watches them. I'm sure she can't wait to play with them. The last 3 days she has slept through the night- YEAH!!! Now I need to sleep better and Jacob's molars need to come in faster so he sleeps better. Overall, this little princess has changed our family and we are so blessed she is in it. We love you Hannah so very much!

Big smiles that I love!!

Sometimes for tummy time she will just chill there and be content.

Our 3 cute kiddos!

Hannah loves to watch her bouncer. She usually smiles when I start the lights and music.

Hannah is a good girl and loves to watch the world.

Jacob loves Hannah!

Dallin loves Hannah!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hannah Nicole's Blessing

Today was a very special day! Ryan gave Hannah her blessing. The spirit was very strong and Ryan did a nice job! We were very blessed we had lots of family that were able to make it! We love our family!! Hannah is a sweet, little girl! She will be 7 weeks tomorrow. She now has a cold. We are hoping it clears up soon. My Aunt Lori made Hannah her beautiful blessing dress! I know it took her awhile to do it. Thank you so much Aunt Lori! You made it an even more special day!

I love the shoe socks my aunt sent with the dress- so, so cute!

We love you so very much Hannah! Thank you for blessing our family!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grandpa Great

We love you so very much Grandpa Great! Jacob is about 4 months old here!

Ryan Gary

I am so proud of Ryan!! He is the BEST Dad, husband, friend, and man I know! He has been working so hard to bring his cholesterol numbers down. About 5 months ago he got the news that they were very high. He cut out red meat, ate healthy, exercised, and started taking pills to try to lower his numbers. We just got the numbers back to see if he was on the right track. You want your number below 200 and he was 198. Wahoo!!! He dropped his numbers big time. He also lost 20 pounds. I'm so jealous!! Ryan always impresses me! He is always helping others and makes me want to be a better person. We love you Ryan!!!! Thanks for all you do for our family!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tongue Tied

Boy am I glad last week is over and we all lived. Between croup and the hospital stay and then finding out Hannah was tongue tied, it was an exhausting week. I was glad when we got the okay from the doctor that Jacob could travel and was doing so much better. Ryan started a 7 week project today at work that has him working 6 days a week for 12 hours a day. I don't know who will be more tired- Ryan or me. So we headed for the valley for the weekend. Thursday night Wendi looked in Hannah's mouth and told us she was tongue tied. Her cute boy, Ethan, was tongue tied. That's where under your tongue you have a membrane that keeps your tongue from moving and cupping the bottle correctly. I had never heard of that before Wendi. I crossed my fingers I could get into the doctor that clipped Ethan's tongue because not all doctors do it. I was in luck and the doctor clipped Hannah last Friday. He said she had a pretty good tongue tie. That's why it would take her 25 min to eat 2 and half ounces. Then by the end of the day she was really gassy and a little grumpy. Her bedtime bottle was a struggle. But, overall she is a pretty good girl. I had no idea of being tongue tied and just thought she had gas at the end of the day. We had a rough couple of days but hopefully we can get back on track and life calms down. At the doctor last Friday she was 8 and half pounds and 21 and 3/4 in long. She has just started to really fill out this last week or so. She's just a cute girl that we all love so much. She loves to lay on our bed and watch the world and watch Dallin play on our bed. We are so blessed she is in our family!!

Hannah all snug and warm for a drive. A friend made her cute hat!!

Hannah snuggling on Ryan's shoulder!

Dallin loves when Hannah goes in and lays on his bed after naptime!