Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hannah Nicole's Blessing

Today was a very special day! Ryan gave Hannah her blessing. The spirit was very strong and Ryan did a nice job! We were very blessed we had lots of family that were able to make it! We love our family!! Hannah is a sweet, little girl! She will be 7 weeks tomorrow. She now has a cold. We are hoping it clears up soon. My Aunt Lori made Hannah her beautiful blessing dress! I know it took her awhile to do it. Thank you so much Aunt Lori! You made it an even more special day!

I love the shoe socks my aunt sent with the dress- so, so cute!

We love you so very much Hannah! Thank you for blessing our family!!


Amy said...

What a cutie!!! Sorry we couldn't make it up. We were there in spirit!

Wendi and Matt said...

Cute. Wish we could not make it!! We love you lots