Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, I'm still here and still sitting and sitting. Tomorrow I am 36 weeks so we have reached our first goal of getting there. No helicopter ride for me and I'm happy with that. I saw my doctor yesterday and no change so the pills and sitting are working. Although he could touch the top of this guys head- that was a little exciting. We know he's going to have a nice cone head because he's been down there for the last month. He wants me to be on the pills for one more week. These pills aren't that much fun. I don't feel good and I have to say it's hard getting up at 4 am to take one because it usually takes me an hour or two to go back to sleep. I'm just getting ready for feedings- I can handle that though. Everyone says to enjoy these quiet days now because they won't last. I agree but after 2 weeks of sitting I have to say I am bored. I know he will come when the time is right and he's healthy. We can't wait for that time to come!!

Our Dallin

I love Dallin so very much!!! We took this picture at a park awhile ago. He's wearing a shirt that was Ryans when he younger as you can tell by the name on it. I did one of the hardest things last Monday. I met my parents and they took Dallin to the valley to play. I think I cried half way home. I just love my Big Man so much and we haven't been apart for this long. Sunday night, the night before he left, as I was reading scriptures Dallin was sitting on the floor next to Ryan. He got up and put his head on my lap and gave me loves. Ryan didn't tell him to do that- he did it on his own. Let's just say- the tears started to flow. I couldn't keep reading. He knew I needed that. I miss my kisses, him pushing his trucks all over me, saying Mama and just babbling away telling me a story, his smile, I could go on and on. I know this is for the best so our little guy can stay inside for a little longer but I will be so glad when I get to hold Dallin in my arms and tell him how much I love him!!!