Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi To All My Kids

Hi Zach, Mali, Lauren, and Mauri, and all the rest of my kids! I hope you are having a great relaxful summer! I miss you all and so does Dallin! Zach, Mali, Lauren, and Mauri I wrote you back from your messages. Thanks for watching Dallin grow!

Does anyone know where I can get a really light weight blanket? Dallin still loves to be swaddled and put down for naps and bedtime but it is getting hot. Thanks!

Our Dallin

Isn't Dallin so precious! He woke up early from a nap and I put him in his swing so I could make his bottle. When I came back he was rubbing his eyes with the blanket and soon fell asleep. He now likes to rub the blanket over his eyes when he gets tired. It is so cute to watch!!

Dallin posed for this picture and then we put it on a shirt for Ryan for Father's Day. Ryan loved the shirt! He wanted to wear it to church with a tie but I had to tell him no! Love ya honey!

Mom Having Too Much Fun

I just had to!! Isn't Dallin so cute! I can honestly say Dallin has never gotten me, if you know what I mean.

Tummy time is so much more fun with all of Dallin's toys!

Dallin loves his bouncer that plays music and the water moves. He likes to watch the starfish go around and around!

Dallin loves to help me water our flowers in the backyard. He loves to be outside and working with his mom!

I love how everytime I put him in his carseat he looks up to find me.

The Best Dad Ever

Happy Father's Day honey! You are the best dad and husband. Dallin and I love you so much. Thanks for all you do for us!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Found his Thumb

This is Dallin at 2 weeks. I just found this picture. It is one of my favorites and had to post it. I know I am a dork. I had pulled Dallin out of the car and found him like this. He is so adorable. I can't believe how big he is now and how fast he has grown. He is now 3 months. Time is flying and I love every minute of it! Being a Mommy is what I love doing along with being a wife. Love you too honey!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Smacking Lips

Dallin is so funny. He has now found his lips. He will smack and suck his lips in. It is so funny to watch. He also plays with his tongue. It's hard to tell on this picture but that is what he is doing. My silly boy!

Tummy Time

Dallin loves tummy time. He loves to see the world! I love when he rolls on his back and has a stunned look on his face. He's probably thinking what did I just do. It's now a different view of the world.

Smiling Away

I found Dallin last Tuesday morning at 6:30 just like this. He had rolled on his back and was smiling and a happy boy. He normally makes a few noises before he wakes up. He's just like his dad. He doesn't want to open his eyes until he has to. But this morning he was excited to face the day! I love his smile!