Sunday, December 18, 2011

IT'S A ........

Here I am today at 20 weeks!! Look out my belly is starting to pop out. I told my mom at Christmas I might be huge. It's crazy how almost overnight your belly can pop out. I feel like mine is coming- it's all for a good cause!!

And here's our little GIRL!!!! We are tickled pink Hannah is going to have a best friend! Dallin has been right from the beginning. He has always said it's a girl and even calls her a name. He will tell me no it's - name-. We haven't decided on a name yet. We always have to see our little precious ones before we decide. The boys are so cute and will kiss my belly and tell the baby they love her. I can't wait to see this beautiful girl!! She is right on track and all her measurements match up perfect to my due date of May 6.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Lights

This is our first year going to town on outside lights. Last year we had the Thomas the Train blow up and snowmen faces blinking up by our house but Ryan wanted to do more. So, he ordered LED lights for our house. It took a long 2 weeks to finally come all the way from North Carolina- long for Ryan. He was so excited. We got them last night and as soon as Dallin came home from preschool today the boys were outside having fun. I think it looks awesome! And yes, Ryan put an F on our house. He did that when he was younger.

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is looking at Christmas lights. This year has been even more fun hearing 2 cute boys saying pretty and oohing and aawing over all the lights we see. I love our family and the memories we are making!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving was different this year. Ryan had to work Thanksgiving Day so we didn't travel and didn't spend time with family. But I have to say it was nice just being our family.

Before Thanksgiving, we had to get wood for some families that needed it. Our ward has a huge wood pile and that's one of Ryan's responsibilities- getting wood to those that need it in our ward. The boys always love helping. Dallin was so proud of himself climbing to the top of one pile!!

Then we went home and ate dinner and then got our turkey ready. I was a little worried about doing a turkey all by myself but my friend told me about the Scouts here. They dig a huge hole and you bring your turkey prepared and they bury it and cook it for you overnight. And boy was the turkey good. There was no carving of this turkey. It just fell off the bone and was so juicy and yummy. I didn't get any pictures of our dinner. It was all delicious and the best part was that dinner was the start of Ryan having a couple of days off. He has been so busy lately so we were all ready for some family time. During dinner, we asked the boys what they were thankful for. Dallin said Heavenly Father and Jacob said water. I love these moments!!

The next morning we got up and went to Showlow to do a little Black Friday shopping. The crowds really weren't that bad. Dallin saw this train for under the tree and begged Ryan. He gave in and look who was so happy- both boys were so excited. The train sat between both of them all the way home.

Then when we got home we got the Christmas stuff out. Hannah just loved sitting in all the boxes- her favorite thing to do these days.

Every year Ryan and I have a tradition of getting a new snow globe. These are a few that we have gotten in the last several years. I love this tradition and can't wait in 20 years to have a huge display of our snow globes.

This year we decided our theme for Christmas was trains with buying the train for under the tree and how much the boys love trains right now. This is the snow globe we found for this year. We both saw it and knew right away it was the one. We just need to get a picture of our family for inside the globe.

And the boys love this train scene. It's our 2nd year having it and is one of my favorites. The boys call it the baby train since the train under the tree is big.

I just love this little tree. Grandma gave it to the boys a couple of years ago. They were so excited to decorate it. And this is how the tree ended up. My first thought was to move a few ornaments around so they weren't in one area but this is the boys masterpiece. I look at it and smile. They had so much fun decorating it.

I just love Christmas decorations!!

And here's our Christmas tree with 3 precious kiddos I love so much!