Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Cute Dallin

Dallin's new favorite thing to do is crawl with something in his hand. He will hold onto anything he can and push it along if it is too big to just hold. One day I had just opened a new bag of wet ones. I turned around and Dallin had them in his hand and I can hear him grunting as he is trying to push them along. They were heavy but were going to go with him. If he loses the item he will go back and pick it up before going on. He is so fun to watch!!! Underneath are some pictures of our cute boy pushing along his things.

With this being Christmas, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Pictures of our fun day will come soon! We love you all and love spending time with all of our friends and family!!

Crawling Is More Fun With Something In Your Hand

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Temple Lights

We love going to the temple as a family and was even more excited when the christmas lights were turned on. It was fun walking around and Dallin loved all of the colors. Those of you that haven't been yet, you have to see the color they added to the 3 wise men on the front lawn. We love the temple!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Got Tagged

Last time I got tagged I just ignored it and never did it. This time my wonderful sister Cindi tagged me and told me I had to. I took a deep breathe and said okay so here goes....

1. I love cereal!!!! That doesn't even begin to describe it. I can eat any kind of cereal but my favorite is Lucky Charms. I could eat those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ate it all the time while I was pregnant. We joked that Dallin would come out with Lucky Charms in his hands because I ate it so much. I never really ate much of them before I got pregnant so I blame Dallin for this one.

2. I have a little OCD in me. Everything has to be in its place before I can relax. I always am picking up the house after Dallin goes down for a nap. Ryan loves this one. Our closet doors slide back and forth. I can't sleep if the doors are open even just a little bit. I now find Ryan closing them all the way before he climbs into bed. He says its better that way. I think I'm rubbing off on him.

3. I never leave dirty dishes in my sink and go to bed. I don't know how people can do that. I think I would have nightmares that my dirty dishes were coming after me. I love a clean kitchen and usually do dishes as I cook to help with less clean up after I am full.

4. I was training for a marathon which is 26 miles. I love running and did it everyday except Sun. I got up to running 42 miles in a week. I even got up at 4:30 in the morning to run before teaching school. But, 5 weeks before my marathon I hurt my knee. I strained it really bad and my dreams of a marathon were gone. I was devasted because I had trained for 5 months. But the next month I met Ryan and he made it all better. I soon forgot all about a marathon.

5. I hate roller coasters. I never will go on one. I always went to the fair with my friends but just watched them on those crazy rides. One trip with Aimee Nicole to Vegas she got me on the New York New York one. Don't ask me how!! As it went up I got scared and mad she got me on it I started to cuss and she just laughed at me. I will never forget that ride. I barely lived.

6. When I was little I was really good at popping my arm out of its socket. Yes that really hurts. For those of you that don't know what that means it's when your arm moves out and stays out of place at the shoulder. I have done that so many times. I remember one time my brother Scott moved my arm just right as we were playing that it popped. I had to wait for my mom to come home. That felt like eternity. I can still sometimes move my arm out of place but it will go back into place. I would do that as I played softball and volleyball. It still hurts.

7. I love reality TV shows. Two summers ago I got Ryan hooked on Big Brother and we watched it again this last summer. We also love So you think you can dance, America's Got Talent, and now we love The Biggest Loser. I hope Bill wins!!! Ryan won't admit it but we also watch America's Next Top Model. We both think that is a silly show but you get hooked and want to see who wins. Sometimes I wish they would just have reality tv shows but then I would miss CSI. I love that show too.

8. I have the BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST husband in the world!!!! I love our little Dallin so very much also!!!

So now you know a little about me. Now it's time for others to share 6 or 7 things about them. I tag Megan H. and Amy Sorenson so they have to start a blog, Brad Payne since he says he looks at blogs, Mark and Mary, Lindsay, and Marjorie. Have fun!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I love my Honey!!!

I love Ryan so very much!! He is my best friend, an amazing husband, and awesome father. He always brings a smile to my face. I can't imagine my life without him. He does so much for our little family. We appreciate and are so thankful for all of his hard work and everything he does so that we can be a happy family. My life is so blessed because of him! I love him so much more than the day I married him. I love you honey so much! I am also very thankful for

this little guy!! In this picture he has fallen asleep in his car seat and is holding onto his pull toys legs. He has blessed both of our lives. I just smile everytime I look at him. He has taught both of us so much but the most important thing he has taught me is the importance of family and love. I love our little famliy and the things we are working toward and doing today!

Last night after we put our little man down we both crawled into bed. We couldn't believe we did that at 8:10. Ryan held me in his arms and we both told each other what we are thankful for. It was nice to have someone hold me in their arms and to know they love and care a lot about me. It's moments like that, that bring a tear to my eyes. I love those little moments that I get to share with Ryan. With this being Thanksgiving week, our family is thankful for many things. We are thankful for each other and each one of you. We love our friends and family. We are excited for this weekend and spending time with both families. Remember to enjoy those little moments in life!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Franklin North East

This afternoon Dallin and I went to Franklin's Fall Festival. Ryan was hunting and took the camera so I don't have any pictures. It was really fun to see all of my kids, teachers, and parents. I got about 5 feet there and 5 girls came running toward me wanting to give me hugs and see Dallin. I love all my kids!!! It was so nice to see them all! I even got hugs from my kids that I taught my first year. I had to laugh when I got a hug from Brighton. I taught him my first year. Back then, he was almost as tall as me. I told him he couldn't go to 5th grade if he was taller than me. I still let him go to 5th grade. But this afternoon, my head went to his shoulder. Man has he eaten his wheaties. I told him in 4th grade he needed to stop eating them. His mom told me one day while they were at the store he wanted to buy some because he wanted to be taller than me. My kids make me smile!! I love teaching and all my kids but I wouldn't change my life today for anything!

I am so proud of Franklin North East. This last summer they were 1 of 4 schools in Arizona that was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award. My principal and a teacher went to Washington to get the award from the president. Wow!! Way to go Franklin. I am proud to be apart of Franklin and to be a part of the award!!!

PS Ryan didn't get a deer. Bambi lived!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Fun Dallin

One of Dallin's favorite things to play with is our basket. I know if I move it he will still find it. It's so much fun to play with the wipes and burp rags in it.

By our bathroom there was a little carpet string and of course Dallin found it. It gets longer and longer each day with each pull and tug. We need to replace our carpet so we don't care if he keeps playing with it.

One day my dad's hat will fit me!!

Dallin has found our tree a couple of times. He loves to pull the grass out. My favorite part is watching him still try to watch his Einstein movies.

Ever since Dallin has learned to crawl his bouncer has been the first place he goes when he gets down. He loves straps and always finds them. Now he stands up on his feet while holding onto the bouncer. I always make his sit down so he doesn't fall.

Our little Dallin is so much fun!! He is now really active and loves to crawl. I love it how he likes to follow me everywhere now. He has gotten a cute personality and is our free entertainment!!! We love him so much!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

My little tiger!! He is just getting over a cold and still has a runny nose. He was a little grumpy. Poor guy!!

Dallin as a tiger, Kennedy as a cute cat, Hadlee as Boo from Monsters, Mason as a lion, Carter as a dragon, and Drew as an elephant.

Ryan and Dallin ready to go.

Trick or treat!! Where's all the candy??!!!

We had a blast going trick or treating with the Christensen family. Most of Dallin's cousins were there. It was fun to see all of the kids dressed up. Can you find our little tiger??!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! We carved our pumpkin today. Dallin really wanted to help and be right there with every part. He was so curious with what we were doing. If you notice our pumpkin has 2 teeth just like our big boy!! Yep- Monday Dallin's second tooth broke through. Dallin is excited to go trick or treating tonight! Ryan is excited to get candy!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Popsicle

This week Dallin had his first popsicle. That has really helped since he is finally getting his first tooth. The tooth kept coming in and going down but finally broke through. I didn't know if he would make a mess with the popsicle so we took his clothes off. He really enjoyed it and kept smacking his lips. He tried to hold it but when it got too cold he would cry. We will have to buy more popsicles!!

After eating his sugar free popsicle, we cleaned Dallin up. He loved playing in the water and this was a first too. He always watches the water while in the kitchen so now he finally got to play with it!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Sucker

Last Sunday we went to the Farr's for family dinner. Grandma gave Dallin a bag full of Halloween goodies. One of the treats was a little sucker and Grandma was excited to see Dallin try it. So Dallin had his first sucker. As you can see, he really enjoyed it. It looks like he knows what he is doing!! He was really sticky when he was done but we all enjoyed watching him eat his first sucker!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Two Boys

I couldn't find Ryan one day. After looking everywhere I finally found him on the floor of Dallin's room. Both of my boys were taking a nap. Ryan said he wanted to sleep with Dallin. He's so cute!!

Dallin had lots of fun making breakfast with Dad! He's always such a big helper!!

We planted grass the other day and it is coming in beautifully. Dallin likes to help Ryan water it. He does a good job!! We just bought Dallin's beanie last night. We had to put it on this morning.

Aren't my two boys just so cute??!! I love them so very much!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Take A Nap

Yesterday I found Dallin with this huge smile. He was in his crib for 20 min trying to take a nap. He is going through a stage now where he likes to play and not take a nap. He sometimes gets the bumper down and plays with it. I try to tie it so he can't but with the back of the crib it is hard. I want to take it out but a few times when it has come down he lunges and has hit his head on the bars. We have had a few red marks. Poor guy! But how can I get frustrated with nap time when he has a smile like that. What do I do with my little stinkers??

Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Boys

Ryan and Dallin outside doing lawns.

Dallin had lots of fun playing with rocks while we waited for dad to finish doing lawns. Dallin was so excited when I took the camera out to take his picture. He loves the camera. I was more worried about him falling backwards because he was getting so excited.

My two boys I love so much! Thanks for taking care of us honey!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Camping Fun!

Me with Dallin, Mason, and Carter. Thanks Julie for the blanket and toys!

Dallin and Drew while we set up camp.

Ryan and Dallin enjoying the fire.

Hadlee, Carter, and Drew playing with toys.

Everyone having fun.

Cindi playing Redneck golf.

This last weekend we went camping with most of the Christensen family. It was so much fun we decided to stay 2 nights. We found a perfect spot with no one near us thanks to Ryan. Dallin had 2 perfect nights which surprised me. The second night he even slept through the wind howling and things hitting our tent- it was a little scary to me. Thanks honey for holding me all night and taking care of me. But it was a perfect camping adventure and we are doing it again in the spring.


Dallin loves Grandpa. He has the touch to calm Dallin down! Thanks Grandpa!

Skylar, Tally, and Colby having fun with crafts we got at Walmart.

Alice always does a great job taking care of Dallin! Anytime Alice!!

We had fun in Pinetop 2 weeks ago. The weather was nice and a little cold. We loved the beautiful cabin or house as we call it that we stayed in. It was nice to spend time with Ryan's family. When can we do it again?!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silly Dallin

Dallin's new favorite thing to play with is the wet ones. Whenever I change his diaper I give him those to play with. He is getting really active now and makes it harder to change his diaper. When I am done he doesn't like me to take them away. He will play with them for awhile on our bed. At least he is happy!!

Babysitting Fun

We had lots of fun babysitting our nieces and nephews. First night it was all boys. I told Ryan one day this could be us. He just smiled. We love our boys!! Next night was the girls turn. We took them to the mall and had fun with them. They were really good so we rode the carousel. Dallin wasn't too sure of what was going on.