Monday, October 8, 2007

Camping Fun!

Me with Dallin, Mason, and Carter. Thanks Julie for the blanket and toys!

Dallin and Drew while we set up camp.

Ryan and Dallin enjoying the fire.

Hadlee, Carter, and Drew playing with toys.

Everyone having fun.

Cindi playing Redneck golf.

This last weekend we went camping with most of the Christensen family. It was so much fun we decided to stay 2 nights. We found a perfect spot with no one near us thanks to Ryan. Dallin had 2 perfect nights which surprised me. The second night he even slept through the wind howling and things hitting our tent- it was a little scary to me. Thanks honey for holding me all night and taking care of me. But it was a perfect camping adventure and we are doing it again in the spring.


Julie Jan said...

I am jealous that your hubby got to hold you and keep you safe while mine slept in the car away from me. It was a blast and thanks Ryan for the spot and all the camping gear. I knew you joined our family for a reason. ;)

the DeCampos Family said...

You have some really good pictures. Thanks for adding my lovely picture in there!!! Thanks Ryan for everything you brought. I am glad that you guys stayed the second night and that your son was the best and slept through everything. You lucky duck. But hey you deserved it!!!

Amy Amann said...

Yah, thanks Ryan for finding the perfect spot. Now we all know how to get there so no one will get lost. I love your pictures. They all turned out cute. I need a new camera!

Wendi Christensen said...

fun fun fun!! luv ya

momalamode said...

Kim, Your campout looks like it was a blast! How fun to have such a close family!! I love looking at all your pictures