Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Take A Nap

Yesterday I found Dallin with this huge smile. He was in his crib for 20 min trying to take a nap. He is going through a stage now where he likes to play and not take a nap. He sometimes gets the bumper down and plays with it. I try to tie it so he can't but with the back of the crib it is hard. I want to take it out but a few times when it has come down he lunges and has hit his head on the bars. We have had a few red marks. Poor guy! But how can I get frustrated with nap time when he has a smile like that. What do I do with my little stinkers??


the DeCampos Family said...

Too cute. I love his BIG smile. What a little stinker. Can't wait to play with him manana.

Amy Amann said...

He just wants to play with Mommy! I totally understand about not taking naps. It sucks big time especially if you need to get things done. It will pass, just give him time!

Logan & Lindy said...

Hey Guys! Your blog is so cute!!! I want to see your little guy- big guy again. He is so cute!!! Probably see you soon when another little Farr is born!!! =0)