Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! We carved our pumpkin today. Dallin really wanted to help and be right there with every part. He was so curious with what we were doing. If you notice our pumpkin has 2 teeth just like our big boy!! Yep- Monday Dallin's second tooth broke through. Dallin is excited to go trick or treating tonight! Ryan is excited to get candy!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Popsicle

This week Dallin had his first popsicle. That has really helped since he is finally getting his first tooth. The tooth kept coming in and going down but finally broke through. I didn't know if he would make a mess with the popsicle so we took his clothes off. He really enjoyed it and kept smacking his lips. He tried to hold it but when it got too cold he would cry. We will have to buy more popsicles!!

After eating his sugar free popsicle, we cleaned Dallin up. He loved playing in the water and this was a first too. He always watches the water while in the kitchen so now he finally got to play with it!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Sucker

Last Sunday we went to the Farr's for family dinner. Grandma gave Dallin a bag full of Halloween goodies. One of the treats was a little sucker and Grandma was excited to see Dallin try it. So Dallin had his first sucker. As you can see, he really enjoyed it. It looks like he knows what he is doing!! He was really sticky when he was done but we all enjoyed watching him eat his first sucker!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Two Boys

I couldn't find Ryan one day. After looking everywhere I finally found him on the floor of Dallin's room. Both of my boys were taking a nap. Ryan said he wanted to sleep with Dallin. He's so cute!!

Dallin had lots of fun making breakfast with Dad! He's always such a big helper!!

We planted grass the other day and it is coming in beautifully. Dallin likes to help Ryan water it. He does a good job!! We just bought Dallin's beanie last night. We had to put it on this morning.

Aren't my two boys just so cute??!! I love them so very much!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Take A Nap

Yesterday I found Dallin with this huge smile. He was in his crib for 20 min trying to take a nap. He is going through a stage now where he likes to play and not take a nap. He sometimes gets the bumper down and plays with it. I try to tie it so he can't but with the back of the crib it is hard. I want to take it out but a few times when it has come down he lunges and has hit his head on the bars. We have had a few red marks. Poor guy! But how can I get frustrated with nap time when he has a smile like that. What do I do with my little stinkers??

Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Boys

Ryan and Dallin outside doing lawns.

Dallin had lots of fun playing with rocks while we waited for dad to finish doing lawns. Dallin was so excited when I took the camera out to take his picture. He loves the camera. I was more worried about him falling backwards because he was getting so excited.

My two boys I love so much! Thanks for taking care of us honey!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Camping Fun!

Me with Dallin, Mason, and Carter. Thanks Julie for the blanket and toys!

Dallin and Drew while we set up camp.

Ryan and Dallin enjoying the fire.

Hadlee, Carter, and Drew playing with toys.

Everyone having fun.

Cindi playing Redneck golf.

This last weekend we went camping with most of the Christensen family. It was so much fun we decided to stay 2 nights. We found a perfect spot with no one near us thanks to Ryan. Dallin had 2 perfect nights which surprised me. The second night he even slept through the wind howling and things hitting our tent- it was a little scary to me. Thanks honey for holding me all night and taking care of me. But it was a perfect camping adventure and we are doing it again in the spring.


Dallin loves Grandpa. He has the touch to calm Dallin down! Thanks Grandpa!

Skylar, Tally, and Colby having fun with crafts we got at Walmart.

Alice always does a great job taking care of Dallin! Anytime Alice!!

We had fun in Pinetop 2 weeks ago. The weather was nice and a little cold. We loved the beautiful cabin or house as we call it that we stayed in. It was nice to spend time with Ryan's family. When can we do it again?!!