Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dallin Gary

Our Dallin Gary will be 5 years old in a week- I can't believe that! I still hold him and give him kisses all the times. He just squeals with laughter when I catch him and give him loves. He is a very tender hearted, loving boy. He loves learning, loves going to preschool and primary, loves being outside, loves being Daddy's helper, and loves his brother and sisters! We love him so very much!

Dallin is such a good big brother I found him giving Jacob bites of yogurt. He's my big helper too!! That will be nice when his sister comes along.

Dallin was so proud of his tower of blocks he built.

We love you Dallin Gary!!

Dallin had a blast fishing and feeding the ducks too. He loved spending time with Grandpa!!

Dallin loves to color. He usually just scribbles and draws lines. The other day he drew this and told me it was him. I was very impressed on how he is improving. He then drew a big daddy, a little Hannah, and a Jacob. My dallin sure is growing up!

Dallin was sick a few weeks ago. He wanted to watch cartoons on my bed so we got his blankets and everything. Jacob soon joined him and wanted to be just like Dallin. These brothers are so cute to watch each other. They love each other!!

Jacob Ryan

Our sweet Jacob Ryan. He is really growing up. He loves to play with Dallin and is learning that Hannah is fun to play with also. He now loves going to nursery which is a big relief for me. He started to love nursery when his class went from 16 kids and a few stinkers to about 6 in January. He calls it his new class. His favorite things to eat right now is marshmellows, any sweets, ice cream, and dry pasta. He loves to give me hugs and kisses and tell me he loves me. Jacob is also starting to understand potty training. He still has a few accidents but is getting better. Jacob is sure growing up and we love him so much!!

Jacob and Hannah were big troopers the other day. Hannah and me both had doctor appointments. We were all done to be sitting and waiting in a small white room. They were both pretty good.

One of Jacob's favorite things to eat is dry pasta. I tell him I will cook it for him but he likes the crunch I guess. The other day he even got a pot out and put some in it. I really had to laugh when it was nap time and he took his box of dry pasta and put a little pile of it on his pillow for a snack.

We fed the ducks the other day and Jacob would throw a popcorn to the ducks and put 2 in his mouth. He kept that up until he was full. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the boys fishing and to feed the ducks while we were down last time.

My 2 adorable boys!!! Dallin wouldn't tuck his shirt in and Jacob's wouldn't stay tucked in at church. They both look so cute I think!!

Jacob is just like his brother Dallin. He loves to push cars and trucks around everywhere.

Hannah Nicole

I can't believe our Hannah Nicole is already 17 months. One more month and it's nursery time at church- wahoo!! She is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and I still remember my little 5 lb 14 oz little girl at birth. It's a good thing another girl is coming along soon! Hannah is a mommy's girl right now but still loves her daddy. She knows she has daddy wrapped around her finger and always will. We love this girl so much and love her cute, sweet personality!!

This is one of Hannah's favorite things to do. She pulls a toy out one at a time and puts it on the ground. She will do this for awhile so all the toys are around her. The best part is she loves to pick them up and put them away.

Hannah loves to smile and loves to put her necklaces on and wear them all day long.

It had been a long morning with 2 doctor visits. I was so jealous Hannah got to sleep. I needed a nap too.

Hannah was loving snuggling time with Daddy. Both were tired and ready for bed.

Hannah gets some crazy hair sometimes- can you tell? She will get up in the morning and her hair will be everywhere. I brush it but it doesn't usually help. She has Ryan's course thick hair with lots of curls. We love it anyway!!

This is another one of Hannah's favorite things to do. It's a much better workout with Hannah on Daddy's shoulders. She will whine and whine until Ryan will pick her up.

Snowflake Temple

Last week we were able to take our family to the Snowflake Temple. This is a goal of mine for the year- to take our family and visit the temple at least every other month if not more. It's a little harder with the temple being 50 min away one way but it's a tradition I want to do. The boys held my hands and we walked all the way around the temple. We talked about Jesus and Heavenly Father. The boys even went up and touched the temple. They thought that was neat. It was a great expereince with many more trips to come.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elder Bednar

This last Sunday, we had stake conference. We found out we were getting a new stake presidency and Elder Bednar was coming to our small 3,000 people town. My reaction was mouth open wide and I looked at Ryan and said we will be back from Monster Jam. Elder Bednar is one of my favorites. We only have 1 session of stake conference at 10 am. We debated on staying home but we had an appointment we needed to be at and I know Ryan really wanted to go to Monster Jam with his dad. So, we did our things in the Valley and headed home at 10:45 Sat night. We have never traveled at night with our kids and they did awesome. It wasn't a big deal and they all transferred to their beds. Hannah and Jacob were awake as we pulled in, but snuggled in their own beds. Sunday was an amazing day. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was to be in the presence of someone so close to Heavenly Father. The spirit was so strong and I left on a spiritual high!!! Elder Bednar didn't shake hands after the meeting because of his travel plans but he walked right by me and was 2 feet away. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. It was worth the craziness of getting home at 2:20 am Sunday morning. In case you are wondering, Elder Bednar is just a little taller than me and wears very nice shoes!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

This last Christmas while Ryan was sick and throwing up we stayed home and Ryan's family went shooting. Dallin was so excited to go with Grandpa and shooting. Dallin had a blast and hit the bullseye 2 times!!!

This last Saturday Ryan got his Christmas present. He was so excited to go to Monster Jam with his dad. They both were little boys with excitement!! It was so cute to watch them be so excited.

I love my Boys!!!!!

Croup, Croup, and more Croup

What an exhausting week and a half we have had! A doctor awhile ago told me croup was not contagious. Well, it was contagious at our house last week. It started with Dallin- but he wasn't too bad, then went to Jacob which resulted in an ER run at 2 am (which isn't fun with the hospital 45 min away one way), then Hannah woke up the next night with it also. After we survived last week and getting many prescriptions, Hannah was very grumpy on Sunday so Monday morning I called the doctor and she has an ear infection. The next night was a pretty rough night and turns out Jacob has an ear infection. I think at this point I wanted to just cry. All I wanted was healthy kids again!!!! Today has been a good day with kiddos getting back to being happy. WHEWWWW!!!! Moral of the story- I really appreciate healthy kiddos! We have been pretty lucky but this last week and a half has exhausted me!!