Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Croup, Croup, and more Croup

What an exhausting week and a half we have had! A doctor awhile ago told me croup was not contagious. Well, it was contagious at our house last week. It started with Dallin- but he wasn't too bad, then went to Jacob which resulted in an ER run at 2 am (which isn't fun with the hospital 45 min away one way), then Hannah woke up the next night with it also. After we survived last week and getting many prescriptions, Hannah was very grumpy on Sunday so Monday morning I called the doctor and she has an ear infection. The next night was a pretty rough night and turns out Jacob has an ear infection. I think at this point I wanted to just cry. All I wanted was healthy kids again!!!! Today has been a good day with kiddos getting back to being happy. WHEWWWW!!!! Moral of the story- I really appreciate healthy kiddos! We have been pretty lucky but this last week and a half has exhausted me!!

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