Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hannah Nicole

I can't believe our Hannah Nicole is already 17 months. One more month and it's nursery time at church- wahoo!! She is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and I still remember my little 5 lb 14 oz little girl at birth. It's a good thing another girl is coming along soon! Hannah is a mommy's girl right now but still loves her daddy. She knows she has daddy wrapped around her finger and always will. We love this girl so much and love her cute, sweet personality!!

This is one of Hannah's favorite things to do. She pulls a toy out one at a time and puts it on the ground. She will do this for awhile so all the toys are around her. The best part is she loves to pick them up and put them away.

Hannah loves to smile and loves to put her necklaces on and wear them all day long.

It had been a long morning with 2 doctor visits. I was so jealous Hannah got to sleep. I needed a nap too.

Hannah was loving snuggling time with Daddy. Both were tired and ready for bed.

Hannah gets some crazy hair sometimes- can you tell? She will get up in the morning and her hair will be everywhere. I brush it but it doesn't usually help. She has Ryan's course thick hair with lots of curls. We love it anyway!!

This is another one of Hannah's favorite things to do. It's a much better workout with Hannah on Daddy's shoulders. She will whine and whine until Ryan will pick her up.

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Christa Johnson said...

so great to see pictures of your little family, which isn't so little anymore! Tell me again when you are due with #4?
Cassidy had hair just like Hannah's that would get really crazy like that. We used to call it "troll hair" because that is what it looked like. Curls are fun though.
We have the same toy organizer, but my kids aren't as good as Hannah at picking up the toys when they are done. Good luck with everything in St. John's and let me know when you are coming next.
Love you guys,