Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jacob Ryan

Our sweet Jacob Ryan. He is really growing up. He loves to play with Dallin and is learning that Hannah is fun to play with also. He now loves going to nursery which is a big relief for me. He started to love nursery when his class went from 16 kids and a few stinkers to about 6 in January. He calls it his new class. His favorite things to eat right now is marshmellows, any sweets, ice cream, and dry pasta. He loves to give me hugs and kisses and tell me he loves me. Jacob is also starting to understand potty training. He still has a few accidents but is getting better. Jacob is sure growing up and we love him so much!!

Jacob and Hannah were big troopers the other day. Hannah and me both had doctor appointments. We were all done to be sitting and waiting in a small white room. They were both pretty good.

One of Jacob's favorite things to eat is dry pasta. I tell him I will cook it for him but he likes the crunch I guess. The other day he even got a pot out and put some in it. I really had to laugh when it was nap time and he took his box of dry pasta and put a little pile of it on his pillow for a snack.

We fed the ducks the other day and Jacob would throw a popcorn to the ducks and put 2 in his mouth. He kept that up until he was full. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the boys fishing and to feed the ducks while we were down last time.

My 2 adorable boys!!! Dallin wouldn't tuck his shirt in and Jacob's wouldn't stay tucked in at church. They both look so cute I think!!

Jacob is just like his brother Dallin. He loves to push cars and trucks around everywhere.

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