Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dallin Gary

We feel so blessed and we know that Heavenly Father had a hand in an answer to our prayers. We found out today that Dallin has qualified for long term care for his autism. It has taken us 2 and a half months to get here, but we got here. We had to go through the state and set up appointments to evaluate Dallin and ask me a million questions. We have been waiting for 3 weeks to get our answer. Tears came to my eyes when he told me yes. The reason we wanted this was once Dallin turned 3 we were now under the schools. All Dallin was getting was speech therapy and that's all he would get unless we qualified for this extra help. St. John's school did have an awesome preschool that Dallin would have been able to go through but they lost their funding 2 years ago and no longer have it. Then, we make too much money for Headstart. It has been kind of a frustrating path for getting Dallin the therapy and extra help he needs and deserves. This was the best news! We now get speech, occupational, and developmental therapy that will come to our house. I no longer have to go to the school for just speech. There are other things that Dallin will get but we will find out more in 2 or 3 weeks when they call to meet us. Now you know why it's taken so long- so many weeks of waiting. I have been praying for this so Dallin can keep taking steps forward. We love Dallin so much!!

Our sweet, precious Dallin that we love so much!!

Dallin loves peaches- can you tell??!!

Dallin loves his new art board. He loves putting his pictures on it.

We have been working on counting with Dallin. He got his ducks out from a game, lined them all up, and started pointing and counting. The little things that make me smile and make me happy. Things we are working on are sinking in.

Monday, August 9, 2010


We are down to single digits left til we see Pumpkin- 8 weeks left!!! We are so excited! I think we are all ready for this little one. Of course there will always be a need for diapers and formula. I have decided after 2 unsuccessful attempts at breastfeeding, this time we are just doing formula. It breaks my heart and is something I would give almost anything to be able to do. With Jacob, my doctor gave me a prescription to really bring my milk in and I was taking Fenugreek- an herbal supplement. Well, I got 1 to 1 and a half oz every 3 hours altogether. We plugged along, Jacob and I, for 3 weeks and then I stopped. I wasn't getting nearly what he needed. It's a hard fact for me but my boobs just don't work. My friend told me you have to be fat to breastfeed and I'm too skinny. I laughed! Trust me, I eat plenty. Ryan eats so much better than me. These are just a few of the cute things for Pumpkin we have. Yes, girls are so much more expensive than boys. I have tried to be good.

My sisters and sister in law all chipped in and got Pumpkin this beautiful, soft blanket. We love it! They also got us a hooded towel, washcloths, and some receiving blankets. Thanks ladies!

My mom found this adorable dress for Pumpkin. She also found a stellar deal on long sleeve onesies that we really needed. Clothes was the one worry of mine with this one. But after what my mom found, Lyndsay gave us, and Julie and Cindi are letting us borrow we are set. We are so blessed- thanks!!

I found a great deal on these flower clips on etsy- $1.10 each. I couldn't resist.

Wendi made these cute flowers for Pumpkin- Thanks Wendi!

This is Pumpkin's crib sheet set. I really want to pull it out but I know I won't be able to put it all back in the bag. I wasn't planning on purple as her color, even though I love purple, but I found this set and fell in love with it.

This is prego me at 32 weeks. I had just got home from the track and walking. It's not a great picture but I wanted to get one of my belly. She popped out more last week.

Pumpkin at 25 weeks- I forgot to post this picture so here it is now. We are so blessed to have this little girl bless our family. We can't wait to see her and see who she looks like more- Dallin with olive skin or Jacob with red hair.


We have been searching for awhile for a good sandbox for Dallin. He always loved playing in my parents when we were there. A couple of weeks ago Ryan decided to just make Dallin his sandbox. It took Ryan only about an hour to make the sandbox and it even has a good lid to keep cats out. Then we had to wait a few weeks to go to a sand wash here and get free sand. We didn't want wet sand and it has been raining a lot lately. Last Friday we got the sand and finished Dallin's sandbox. Dallin LOVES his sandbox and didn't want to come in when it started to sprinkle. Thanks Daddy- you are the best!!

Dallin had fun helping!

Ryan and Dallin getting the sand in the sandbox.

Jacob wanted to help.

One happy Dallin in his sandbox!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Boys

We have so much fun with our boys!!!

Ryan worked a 60 hour week a couple of weeks ago. The boys and I decided to go to McDonalds and watch for trucks for lunch. They loved it. We had to drive to Roundvalley for the nearest McDonalds but was well worth it.

Why do boys love garbage?? Jacob now loves to dig for treasure.

Dallin LOVES Grandma's rabbits especially the baby ones.

Poor Jacob- A couple of weeks ago he got a high fever for a couple of days. The day after it broke he got this nice fever rash. They say the rash doesn't bother them but Jacob was still grumpy. We were glad after 5 days his rash finally left and we got our happy boy back.

Dallin likes to watch Jacob eat sometimes. They laugh back and forth sometimes and takes a long time for Jacob to eat but oh well- Brothers you gotta love them.

Our sweet Dallin- he has really grown this last month. He went on a huge growth spurt and seems to have matured too. He says words we aren't even working on with him. I still find myself looking at him and am amazed at how he has blessed our family. He is my sidekick these days. He loves to watch cooking shows with me, gives me kisses everytime I ask even if he is in the other room and I tell him I need a kiss, he loves to hold my hand, and loves to just do things with me. His world is going to change again in 2 months. I really feel like he is getting all of those little moments in with me right now because he knows I will be busier with Pumpkin. I just love you so much Dallin!!!

It rained really hard the other day and I came into the room and all of my boys were watching the rain. It was so cute!!! I am so blessed!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jacob's Haircut

Jacob got his first haircut. He looks like a cute, little boy now. We were hoping to get it cut before the 24th but it didn't happen. A few people told us they loved his mullet. I laughed. The back of his hair has always been longer even when he was born. Both Ryan and I were a little nervous to do this haircut just because it's a huge ordeal to give Dallin a haircut. But, Jacob actually laughed when Ryan did the back. It was so easy and took no time at all. We both looked at each other when we were done and couldn't believe how easy it was. I was a little sad to cut his hair. My little boy is growing up. These aren't great pictures but Jacob is an active 13 month old that doesn't want to stand still. Yes, he walks everywhere and has for a good month. It's so much fun to see him walking around and playing with Dallin. I just love our boys!!!