Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dallin Gary

We feel so blessed and we know that Heavenly Father had a hand in an answer to our prayers. We found out today that Dallin has qualified for long term care for his autism. It has taken us 2 and a half months to get here, but we got here. We had to go through the state and set up appointments to evaluate Dallin and ask me a million questions. We have been waiting for 3 weeks to get our answer. Tears came to my eyes when he told me yes. The reason we wanted this was once Dallin turned 3 we were now under the schools. All Dallin was getting was speech therapy and that's all he would get unless we qualified for this extra help. St. John's school did have an awesome preschool that Dallin would have been able to go through but they lost their funding 2 years ago and no longer have it. Then, we make too much money for Headstart. It has been kind of a frustrating path for getting Dallin the therapy and extra help he needs and deserves. This was the best news! We now get speech, occupational, and developmental therapy that will come to our house. I no longer have to go to the school for just speech. There are other things that Dallin will get but we will find out more in 2 or 3 weeks when they call to meet us. Now you know why it's taken so long- so many weeks of waiting. I have been praying for this so Dallin can keep taking steps forward. We love Dallin so much!!

Our sweet, precious Dallin that we love so much!!

Dallin loves peaches- can you tell??!!

Dallin loves his new art board. He loves putting his pictures on it.

We have been working on counting with Dallin. He got his ducks out from a game, lined them all up, and started pointing and counting. The little things that make me smile and make me happy. Things we are working on are sinking in.


Amy said...

YAY! Glad everything is coming together for you guys! We love Dallin too.

Christa Johnson said...

I am so glad Dallin is getting the help he needs. It makes a HUGE difference in his little life!
Will has qualified for special needs preschool here in Gilbert in three different catagories, so it looks like he will be getting the help he needs too and the bus will probably pick him up right at our house. Yippeee!!!
Yea for our little boys!!

Go Farr Family said...

I truly believe that your move to St Johns has helped him to get the quality of help he needs. So grateful for your persistence