Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please Be Careful

I was totally shocked but I guess it doesn't surprise me in the end. Ryan got an email yesterday from his mission president. He had a sad sob story about being in London and being robbed and he needs money. The crazy part was it was from his real email address. But my red flags went up right from the beginning. Ryan asked what he could do to help. You think it would be legitament with it being sent from his right email. But we got an email back this morning saying to wire $1950 through Western Union to London and he would pick it up and pay us back. Well, there you go- SCAM. Ryan is going to go to his mission website and warn everyone of this scam. I felt bad doubting him from the beginning but in this world today you never know. Also, my sister had her pay pal account hacked into and they were using her account. Luckily Amazon caught it for her. Please, be very careful with everything on the internet. You just never know!!

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