Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dallin started preschool today!! We went by his teacher's house last week to meet her and I knew right away she was going to be great for him. She gets down on his level to talk to him and just is very nice. She also has baby doggies which Dallin loves. He didn't really want to go this morning and told me I had to stay. But once we got there and he started to play he was okay. I asked him if I could leave and he said yes. I told him I loved him and I would be back to pick him up. He even said bye to me. But when I got to the door he started to cry a little. The teacher was really good and comforted him and I left. Yes, by the time I got to the truck I had tears. Dallin is my Dallin and I can't believe he is already in preschool. He is growing up so fast. When I picked him up he said he had fun and wanted to go back. That was a relief. This preschool will be great for Dallin!

I wanted to get some good pictures of Dallin before preschool but of course he didn't want anything to do with pictures and didn't want to wear his backpack. This is the best picture I could get of him right before preschool.

This is what Dallin did when I told him to look at me with his eyes- he closed his eyes. My little stinkers.


Wendi and Matt said...

awww so cute!! Love the shirt and he is so big, i still think of him as the little boy but he is so big! Love you lots

the DeCampos Family said...

School??? already?
Wasn't he just born!!!
He looks ADORADBLE!!
I am glad that it went well.

Go Farr Family said...

Is that his dad and uncles old shirt too? I can't believe he is going to preschool...Sherry will be such a good teacher for him.