Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Months

Last Saturday, Jacob turned 10 months. He is turning into our little boy. His face is changing and my little sunshine is becoming a big sunshine. He is still our sweet boy that we love so very much!! Jacob now has 5 teeth. He has 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. Poor guy- they seem to each come right after each other so we are due for another one. But those teeth help him eat crackers, a chicken nugget, and cereal- just to name a few. Jacob is so funny when it comes to food. He isn't a huge eater and I thought he would love to try a few table food things since he's getting older. But he usually won't try them or spits them out. I have finally gotten smart and figured out a few things. First, he loves to watch Wheel of Fortune so we tape that and watch it when I feed him food. Man, what a difference! From that distraction he will eat squash and carrots that he wouldn't before. Hey, whatever works. Then, I put a drop or two of vanilla in his milk. That has been a struggle of ours for a long time. He doesn't drink much milk during the day but the doctor says he's gaining weight so he's not worried. The vanilla has helped but he's still a stinker. Oh well, we wouldn't want him too perfect. On to sad news, Jacob has now figured out the correct way to crawl. It was kind of sad when the Jacob crawl, or worm as some called it, was gone. But, it's cute to see him do it correctly. As you can see from the pictures he's just like Dallin- All boy! He loves to be outside and I can't wait to see these two boys running around together. Jacob is so ready and wanting to walk. He loves to push his hippo around and will stand by himself sometimes. He's close and that has been really fun. Jacob truly is our Sunshine and makes us smile everyday!!!

Jacob loves to play in the dirt and has even tasted dirt. I don't think he likes it because he usually spits it out.

Yes, Jacob has found the toilet. I try to keep the doors closed or at least the lids closed but he still seems to find the toilet when I'm not looking.

I love it when Jacob pulls himself up from our bed. All you can see is his nose and eyes but boy can you see the smile all over his face. He's such a precious boy!

Yes, Jacob loves his hippo. He is getting better each day with walking with this. Look out world- before you know it he will be walking!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dallin is so cute. Sometimes while Jacob is taking his nap he will bring me his blanket and stuffed bear. He wants me to wrap his bear and then he runs into his room and puts his bear on his bed. He even closes the door and tells me shhhh. This morning Dallin had even put a car next to his bear. Sometimes we let Dallin take a car or truck to bed. He knows if he plays with it, I take it. We have never had a problem with him playing though. This morning, after we got Jacob up I asked Dallin if he wanted to check on his bear. We went in but Dallin turned around. I asked if his bear was still sleeping and he said yes. I guess his bear needed a long nap. He even closed the door and said shhh. I love these cute things Dallin does.

Friday, April 9, 2010


We are so excited Heavenly Father is blessing our family with another little one. Pumpkin- Ryan's cute nickname for this one- is due Oct. 7. I am 14 weeks along. Yes, this is our little surprise. Jacob and this one will be 15 months apart. To be honest, I am not even scared or overwhelmed. All we can do is smile when it comes to this one. I am so glad to be feeling more and more like myself these days. This one has been a doosy. It has reminded me of Dallin's pregnancy but with a very finicky stomach. I still can't drink orange juice and I love oj. Dallin loves to say "Mamma's baby" and kiss my belly. I have to thank Ryan for taking care of me these last 2 months. He didn't care that I didn't cook dinner, that I usually just crawled into bed after feeding and putting Jacob down and he put Dallin down, that our house didn't get cleaned for 6 weeks, and for just loving me. He is the BEST!! I feel so blessed because of our family!!!!!

Pumpkin at 10 weeks!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeper Moments

This is one of those moments you wish you could freeze and keep forever. Ryan and I were having kind of a busy night. Ryan was on the phone with Verizon trying to dispute a $172 charge, don't ask. After an hour or so on the phone, they are crediting our account. I was listening to Ryan starting to get frustrated and was cleaning the kitchen. After Ryan got off the phone we found our boys in Dallin's room. Dallin was pointing to things in books and saying things like "Jacob look big truck" and "Jacob bus" and "Look baby truck." Oh that stopped Ryan and I and we just listened for 5 min. We love our boys and love these moments.

I also had a profound moment the other day that I wanted to share. Almost 2 years ago, we took a huge leap of faith, took a huge pay cut, and took a job in St. Johns. We felt it was where we needed to be. We felt this was the right place for our family at the time. I will be honest, it was probably the hardest and scariest thing I have done. I never thought we would end up in St. Johns. But when we came to look for a place to rent here, again, it felt right. It felt like this is where we needed to be. So we moved to this little town with not much in it but I learned it has amazing people in it. We got Dallin help from the state and 3 wonderful ladies came to work with Dallin. One of those ladies went to a seminar in Flagstaff about SARRC. She immediately thought of us and that is how we found that amazing, heaven sent place. One day it hit me. What if we needed to come to St. Johns for Dallin. What if that was our answer to our prayers for Dallin. What if we had not taken that leap of faith because it was hard, would the help in the valley know about SARRC. Dallin is a completely different boy now. He melts my heart everytime he says things like "Look Mama truck" or "Mama help please." I know without SARRC we would have many more challenges. Heavenly Father knows what we need and hears and answers our prayers. I am so glad he answered ours and we listened.