Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeper Moments

This is one of those moments you wish you could freeze and keep forever. Ryan and I were having kind of a busy night. Ryan was on the phone with Verizon trying to dispute a $172 charge, don't ask. After an hour or so on the phone, they are crediting our account. I was listening to Ryan starting to get frustrated and was cleaning the kitchen. After Ryan got off the phone we found our boys in Dallin's room. Dallin was pointing to things in books and saying things like "Jacob look big truck" and "Jacob bus" and "Look baby truck." Oh that stopped Ryan and I and we just listened for 5 min. We love our boys and love these moments.

I also had a profound moment the other day that I wanted to share. Almost 2 years ago, we took a huge leap of faith, took a huge pay cut, and took a job in St. Johns. We felt it was where we needed to be. We felt this was the right place for our family at the time. I will be honest, it was probably the hardest and scariest thing I have done. I never thought we would end up in St. Johns. But when we came to look for a place to rent here, again, it felt right. It felt like this is where we needed to be. So we moved to this little town with not much in it but I learned it has amazing people in it. We got Dallin help from the state and 3 wonderful ladies came to work with Dallin. One of those ladies went to a seminar in Flagstaff about SARRC. She immediately thought of us and that is how we found that amazing, heaven sent place. One day it hit me. What if we needed to come to St. Johns for Dallin. What if that was our answer to our prayers for Dallin. What if we had not taken that leap of faith because it was hard, would the help in the valley know about SARRC. Dallin is a completely different boy now. He melts my heart everytime he says things like "Look Mama truck" or "Mama help please." I know without SARRC we would have many more challenges. Heavenly Father knows what we need and hears and answers our prayers. I am so glad he answered ours and we listened.


Wendi and Matt said...

we love you guys! D's progress is great and I am so happy for him!

Christa Johnson said...

Isn't it amazing the different ways the Lord can answer our prayers??? I am always amazed at the direction we recieve in our lives.
Love ya,

Neil said...

Dallin is simply amazing with how far he has come in one month. I love to talk with him and listen to enthusiasm for life. You have done an awesome job with Dallin Kimberly and Ryan. Glad you listened to the spirit. Love you.

Neil said...

Actually, Sheri published that comment not Neil. Computers!!!

maren sundahl said...
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