Monday, April 19, 2010


Dallin is so cute. Sometimes while Jacob is taking his nap he will bring me his blanket and stuffed bear. He wants me to wrap his bear and then he runs into his room and puts his bear on his bed. He even closes the door and tells me shhhh. This morning Dallin had even put a car next to his bear. Sometimes we let Dallin take a car or truck to bed. He knows if he plays with it, I take it. We have never had a problem with him playing though. This morning, after we got Jacob up I asked Dallin if he wanted to check on his bear. We went in but Dallin turned around. I asked if his bear was still sleeping and he said yes. I guess his bear needed a long nap. He even closed the door and said shhh. I love these cute things Dallin does.

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Christa Johnson said...

That is a really cute blog entry!!! i love the nurturing tendencies kids have from such a young age.
And congratulations on baby #3!!!! Cassidy and Lund are 15 month apart, and they can be the best of friends at times, and they really watch out for each other. I am excited for you guys!!!! I am sorry to hear you had a rough bit there in the first trimester. Nausea is my LEAST favorite thing in the world!!!!
Hopefully, you are feeling better now and it sounds like Ryan is taking great care of you. You gotta love husbands, I know mine takes care of me all the time when i am sick with chemo. Love that man!!!!
p.s. we are moving to the valley next month, so come and stay with us anytime you want to, it would be super fun!!!
Love ya,