Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Cute Dallin

Dallin sure is growing up and is so much fun! He has started to try to really speak. I love listening to him talk. I can't make out many words but that doesn't slow him down. The day after Christmas it snowed all day long. Dallin was very unsure of the snow and didn't really like it. The other pictures are of our fun these last few days with Dallin. I love the one where he picked up the shaker and was shaking it on the stove. He did that all by himself. He loves to help me cook as you can see. He is so much fun and I love when he comes up and snuggles right next to me. After a nap one day we were sitting on the couch. He was a little grumpy and I was trying to make him happy. I finally just sat right next to him and he leaned his head on my arm. That's all he wanted. He's so cute!!

This was the first time he walked in snow!

He loved the icicles on our house. Ryan always had to grab one when he passed them.

Of course, Dallin was helping to organize our stuff. I had just emptied the dishwasher.

Dallin loves to snuggle with us and watch his favorite show Caillou- that is the only show he will watch. He doesn't care about tv until that show is on.

I can do it Dad!!

I love my dad!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time

I know I'm a day late but Merry Christmas! We decided to stay home this Christmas. We have had a busy month and were just in Mesa this last weekend. It was nice to be able to start a few of our own family traditions for Christmas. We still have a garage full of boxes so we didn't even put up any decorations. So to be honest, it didn't completely feel like Christmas but it was nice to have Ryan for a few days just to ourselves. Christmas Eve we made a yummy steak dinner and saw Christmas lights. It was so much fun to see Dallin love the lights. He would get so excited and keep looking from side to side- he didn't want to miss any. We were excited for Dallin to open his presents this year but he didn't care about opening them. Once we opened them, he thought the toys were pretty cool. On Christmas Day we had a yummy turkey dinner at Lyndsay's house. She can cook and we left so full. It has been snowing today so I will have to post pictures of our fun another day! We love you all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

St. Johns, Arizona

I never thought I would say this but we are moving to St. Johns. Poor Ryan has been commuting two hours to work each day. He is in a carpool and only has to drive 1 day a week. So, Dallin and I are exciting to be closer to Ryan and to see more of him. I can't complain with his schedule right now. He works 4 tens and has Fridays off. He will start shift work in March or April and that will be a bear. He won't be able to carpool then. We decided to bite the bullet and move now. We love Snowflake and our ward which is making this move hard. But we feel good about this move. As Ryan says though, we are farther from civilization. We are moving to an even smaller town. We are now an hour from Showlow and almost 4 hours from family in the valley. But, as I told Ryan we are doing this for our family and this is where we need to be. We found a 3 bedroom house to rent so I am excited to have more room. This little apartment is getting really small but we love our rent. We just got back last night from a week with family. We are moving next Friday. So we have lots to do. I told Ryan I hope our life slows down and we don't have to make anymore big decisions for awhile. We have had to make enough of those this last year. We love you all and hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did!!!