Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Cute Dallin

Dallin sure is growing up and is so much fun! He has started to try to really speak. I love listening to him talk. I can't make out many words but that doesn't slow him down. The day after Christmas it snowed all day long. Dallin was very unsure of the snow and didn't really like it. The other pictures are of our fun these last few days with Dallin. I love the one where he picked up the shaker and was shaking it on the stove. He did that all by himself. He loves to help me cook as you can see. He is so much fun and I love when he comes up and snuggles right next to me. After a nap one day we were sitting on the couch. He was a little grumpy and I was trying to make him happy. I finally just sat right next to him and he leaned his head on my arm. That's all he wanted. He's so cute!!

This was the first time he walked in snow!

He loved the icicles on our house. Ryan always had to grab one when he passed them.

Of course, Dallin was helping to organize our stuff. I had just emptied the dishwasher.

Dallin loves to snuggle with us and watch his favorite show Caillou- that is the only show he will watch. He doesn't care about tv until that show is on.

I can do it Dad!!

I love my dad!


Christa Johnson said...

I loved your post! It made me feel like I was there because there were so many great pictures. I love your new house. Can I have one just like that??? I didn't even know that they had new houses like that in St. John's. How awesome! I can't get over how much Dallin looks like your brother Aaron did as a little kid! Am I way off base on that or do you see the resemblence too???? Maybe I am just losing my marbles, that does happen you know...

Murray said...

WOW soon he is going to making the dinners for you! he is adorable! Havin fun in the snow yet?? :)

Amy and Ryan said...

What a cute cook! That snow looks really cold. When we drove up to UT, I got out of the car when we stopped in Flagstaff and hopped right back in. It was freezing. When Ryan turned the car on it said -6. Yah, I don't miss those days!