Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The never ending conversation

I wish I had a picture of this but I had to post this. The other day we went to dinner to El Camino. They have a couple of smaller rooms. We sat down and Dallin was really good. He drank his juice and we decided what we wanted. Then, just after we ordered a man with his 2 kids around 8 and 12 sat down diagonally to us. Like I said, it was a small room so they weren't very far from us. Dallin turned and saw the girl and boy. Well, he decided they needed to hear his life story (that's what it seemed like). He started talking and didn't stop. You can't understand him but that doesn't slow him down. Ryan and I laughed because we got his back and he wanted to talk to the other table. They were really nice and egged him on by making faces and talking back to him. Even after our food came he didn't care. He was still telling his story and getting louder and louder. We did get a stare from a man but what are we suppose to do. He was happy and loving life. As a lady left she told us he was sure full of life and a cutie. We hurried and ate and of course as we left he said bye-bye to everyone. They got to eat half of their dinner in peace. I have to say by the end I was a little embarrassed because Dallin was showing off and being so loud. But at the same time- he was happy and wanting everyone to know! All I have to say is Memories! This is a keeper. I wish you could have been there.


Christa Johnson said...

what a cute story and who cares what other people think, they were probably just jealous that he was having such a good time. It's too hard to get mad at a kid as cute as that talking up a storm!!!

Hansen Fam said...

I love these memories! What a great story. At least everyone thought it was cute. Sometimes people get annoyed when they see how crazy the boys are!