Monday, January 19, 2009

Dallin's Tricks

Dallin has figured out a few new things this last week. Some have surprised me and some have made me go "What! Where did you learn that?" He sure is growing up fast.

Dallin loves to help me cook dinner. He stands on his chair and plays with his own spices. I was surprised to turn around and find a few stacked. I love his hair- time for a haircut. He got up from his nap and it was a mess.

Don't ask me how Dallin did this. I got him up from a nap with an arm out of the long sleeve. All I can say is Talent!!

I wonder where he learned this. He just figured out how to unscrew tops (yes I know I am in trouble now). He loves to throw garbage in the trash. I came in the kitchen and he had found the empty oj. He had gotten the top off and was trying to get the last drops. Hmmmm- Ryan did you teach him this way to drink?

Ryan has been working on all the weeds we have. Dallin found the plunger in the garage and was trying to be just like his dad. He was making the same motions as Ryan was. It was fun to watch.

Whenever we hand Dallin a tissue or klennex he will wipe his mouth and nose. He's wiping his nose now. It's fun to watch him really get into wiping his mouth at dinner time.


Murray said...

haha the second to last one makes me laugh! Soon enough he'll be graduating from high school and be even more a little ryan than ever. Its so cute!

Jen & Blake said...

Like father like son, for sure! What a cuite. I can't believe how big he is getting! And I loved the story from eating out and how friendly he was, too cute! Hope you are doing great, we miss you guys!

the DeCampos Family said...

He's one tricky little boy! Just imagine the things he'll do in just a couple years!

Christa Johnson said...

I love all the pictures. He is sure growing up fast. I can't believe everything he is "picking up on" both the good and the funny!

Go Farr Family said...

He reminds me so much of his dad at that age. What a joy