Monday, October 25, 2010

Croup + Hospital Stay = No Fun

With Dallin being sick, we knew the chances of Jacob getting sick were pretty good. Friday night it hit Jacob. It started off as a cold but by Sunday morning we had worries of croup. We weren't sure if he was just hoarse and didn't know what to do. He didn't sound good and his breathing was sounding worse and worse. I ended up taking Jacob to the emergency room in Roundvalley. They immediately started breathing treatments and gave him 2 big steriod shots to help his breathing. I knew he had gotten bad but I felt so bad when they told me he needed to stay overnight because his oxygen level was so low. I was so torn as to where I should be- with Jacob or with 5 week old Hannah. Then, the doctor came back and told me they were transfering us to the Showlow hospital because they had a pediatrician doctor there. They were going to take us there in an ambulance. Dallin was jealous. After many thoughts and talking to Ryan, I decided to stay with Jacob. I knew wherever I went I would probably feel bad I wasn't in the other place. I needed 2 of me!! But I also knew Hannah and Dallin were in great hands- Ryan is an awesome Dad! As Jacob and I left to go to Showlow the tears came. It hit me I was not going to be there for Hannah (that's how I felt) and I was also exhausted. Once we got there, the fun didn't stop for Jacob. They wanted to check for pneumonia and rsv so they stuck a tube down his throat. But it came back clear and his xrays of his lungs were clear so that was a blessing- just croup. We had a long night of oxygen on Jacob and me worrying. But we all survived. Monday morning they took the oxygen off him and we had to wait 4 long hours to make sure he was ok. Jacob was a trooper and were all glad when we were driving home as a little family again. I really hope the rest of the winter is a little calmer!!

Jacob riding in the ambulance with the fun oxygen that he hated and tried to pull off many times.

Jacob being a trooper in the hospital bed hoping the morning would go faster. He couldn't go very far because he had a wire hooked up to him to watch his numbers.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not fun being sick

Poor Dallin!!! He woke up yesterday with a little fever and I could tell he just didn't feel well. After his nap, he got up with a higher fever and his voice was hoarse and he kept saying he was sick. He wanted to do lots of snuggling with me. I felt so bad for him. He told me his legs hurt and then that his feet hurt. He told Ryan when he got home that his ears hurt. I don't think he has an ear infection. He just has a cold with the body aches. He kept telling us to make him better- our poor guy! Just before bedtime he told me grapes would make him all better. Of course I gave him grapes. I was worried he wouldn't sleep well but he was just fine. As the day has gone on, he has gotten a little better. Another day or two and our Dallin will be back. Dallin rarely gets sick so this wasn't fun for him. Hopefully it's not the beginning to a fun winter of colds. I have tried to keep him away from Hannah as best as I could. He always loves to give her kisses and look at her so it has been hard. The weather here has turned pretty cold and we are getting in a storm. I'm not ready for the cold winter and keeping the boys inside all day long. They love being outside and being boys!! Here's our big man last night. He wanted me to keep putting this blanket on him. He calls it Mamma's blanket!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1 Month

Hannah is 1 month! The time has flown and she is getting bigger! Hannah is a sweet, precious girl that we all love so much! She loves to be in her swing or chilling in her boppy watching the world and her brothers. She is so close to smiling but we haven't gotten one yet. It is so cute to see her face light up and the smile is almost there. She does pretty good at night and sometimes just gets up 1 time to eat. Hopefully I get more of those nights. Hannah is such a blessing in our family! We love you Hannah!

Hannah all cute and ready for the day!

I decided to cancel Hannah's 1 month doctor appt. Having 3 kids and a 45 min drive one way to the nearest doctor wasn't what I wanted to do. I have no concerns right now- just curious at how much she weighs. My friend told me she would take her girls to Wilburs (our grocery store) to weigh them so I decided to give that a try. Ryan wouldn't go with me- he was embarrased. The scale said 8 pounds. I was shocked. I talked to my friend at the check out and she said they aren't accurate. We weighed her on her scale and she was just over 7 pounds. She has gained a pound and a half in her first month! Good job Hannah!

Hannah's cute legs- they are so tiny but boy have they grown!

Hannah chilling in her boppy enjoying life!

Dallin loves to be right next to Hannah and helping her out. He's a great big brother!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jacob Ryan

Boy do I just love Jacob! He is such an active 15 month old and always so much fun!

Yes, I usually take his clothes off when he eats- he loves to make a mess!!!

I had to laugh. Jacob just started to do this. He would put his face down and blow and make a cool noise!

This was the smile after he made the cool noise! I love his smile!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 weeks

I can't believe Hannah is already 3 weeks today! She is growing and getting bigger and bigger. She is a good, easy going girl! She even puts up with her brothers that love her and want to always give her kisses and see what she's doing. We just love this girl so very much!

Hannah loves her hands up by her face! She's always striking a pose!

Ryan is so cute. I think he gave Jacob maybe 2 baths. He gave Hannah a bath before me. He loves to hold her in the sink and then wants me to wash her. He's such a good dad! He loves Hannah so much!

This made me laugh. I had washed my hair one night and started to blow dry my hair. Hannah was laying on the bed and Ryan was talking to her. Probably 2 seconds after I started to blow dry my hair, Hannah was gone. She was asleep. The vacuum always makes her just sit still too.

Our cute Hannah sleeping!

Hannah wanted to get dressed up one day last week. She's so cute with her flower clip and dress!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

7X7 Bull

Here are some pictures of the bull that I (Ryan) got this last weekend. He is a 7X7 with some cool devil horns. This bull scared me when it came out of no where. I was not expecting this to come out. When I first saw it, he was about 15 yards in front of me. I got so excited. I sat down and waited for him to come behind a tree but he did not move. He was with some cows and they smelt me and they took off. The bull just sat there and than began to walk out and I took a shot. Me, being so excited, could not keep the gun steady and missed the first one and hit him the second and third shot. I did a texas heat shot but it did not hit his heart. It took out his man hood, poor guy. Chris Waters, his wife, and I began to track him in the tameracks in the dark. We jumped it twice and on the third time this bull was not happy with us and it came at us. Chris jumped and dived around me. I held up the gun and put the safety off and was waiting for it to come out. This bull was about 10 feet in front of us but it turned and ran the other direction back into the thick tameracks. After checking our pants, we decided to let him go and we would come back in the morning to get him. He crossed the river and went about 60 yards and layed down. My dad and I went out first thing in the morning to get him. We looked for about 2 hours and then my dad walked right by him and did not see him. It was so thick. He stopped and looked around and then he saw him. He told me that he found him and he was so excited and could not believe how big he was. We got him taken care of and we had no idea how to get him out of there. Thank goodness for Dave Cox, a good friend of my dads from Round Valley, came out and helped us get him out of there. It was a great hunting trip filled with great memories!