Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not fun being sick

Poor Dallin!!! He woke up yesterday with a little fever and I could tell he just didn't feel well. After his nap, he got up with a higher fever and his voice was hoarse and he kept saying he was sick. He wanted to do lots of snuggling with me. I felt so bad for him. He told me his legs hurt and then that his feet hurt. He told Ryan when he got home that his ears hurt. I don't think he has an ear infection. He just has a cold with the body aches. He kept telling us to make him better- our poor guy! Just before bedtime he told me grapes would make him all better. Of course I gave him grapes. I was worried he wouldn't sleep well but he was just fine. As the day has gone on, he has gotten a little better. Another day or two and our Dallin will be back. Dallin rarely gets sick so this wasn't fun for him. Hopefully it's not the beginning to a fun winter of colds. I have tried to keep him away from Hannah as best as I could. He always loves to give her kisses and look at her so it has been hard. The weather here has turned pretty cold and we are getting in a storm. I'm not ready for the cold winter and keeping the boys inside all day long. They love being outside and being boys!! Here's our big man last night. He wanted me to keep putting this blanket on him. He calls it Mamma's blanket!


Amy said...

It's no fun being sick...I hope he feels better soon and keeps the colds away this winter!

Wendi and Matt said...

hope he feels better!