Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1 Month

Hannah is 1 month! The time has flown and she is getting bigger! Hannah is a sweet, precious girl that we all love so much! She loves to be in her swing or chilling in her boppy watching the world and her brothers. She is so close to smiling but we haven't gotten one yet. It is so cute to see her face light up and the smile is almost there. She does pretty good at night and sometimes just gets up 1 time to eat. Hopefully I get more of those nights. Hannah is such a blessing in our family! We love you Hannah!

Hannah all cute and ready for the day!

I decided to cancel Hannah's 1 month doctor appt. Having 3 kids and a 45 min drive one way to the nearest doctor wasn't what I wanted to do. I have no concerns right now- just curious at how much she weighs. My friend told me she would take her girls to Wilburs (our grocery store) to weigh them so I decided to give that a try. Ryan wouldn't go with me- he was embarrased. The scale said 8 pounds. I was shocked. I talked to my friend at the check out and she said they aren't accurate. We weighed her on her scale and she was just over 7 pounds. She has gained a pound and a half in her first month! Good job Hannah!

Hannah's cute legs- they are so tiny but boy have they grown!

Hannah chilling in her boppy enjoying life!

Dallin loves to be right next to Hannah and helping her out. He's a great big brother!


Christa Johnson said...

Oh my goodness! She is beautiful and getting so big!!!! I don't blame you for missing your appt. I used to do that with Prescott appts. too.
Hopefully we will see you around holiday time, are you coming down here?

Amy said...

What a cutie!! Glad she is being a good girl. I love how you used the grocery scale and counted that as her one month check up!!