Monday, October 4, 2010

7X7 Bull

Here are some pictures of the bull that I (Ryan) got this last weekend. He is a 7X7 with some cool devil horns. This bull scared me when it came out of no where. I was not expecting this to come out. When I first saw it, he was about 15 yards in front of me. I got so excited. I sat down and waited for him to come behind a tree but he did not move. He was with some cows and they smelt me and they took off. The bull just sat there and than began to walk out and I took a shot. Me, being so excited, could not keep the gun steady and missed the first one and hit him the second and third shot. I did a texas heat shot but it did not hit his heart. It took out his man hood, poor guy. Chris Waters, his wife, and I began to track him in the tameracks in the dark. We jumped it twice and on the third time this bull was not happy with us and it came at us. Chris jumped and dived around me. I held up the gun and put the safety off and was waiting for it to come out. This bull was about 10 feet in front of us but it turned and ran the other direction back into the thick tameracks. After checking our pants, we decided to let him go and we would come back in the morning to get him. He crossed the river and went about 60 yards and layed down. My dad and I went out first thing in the morning to get him. We looked for about 2 hours and then my dad walked right by him and did not see him. It was so thick. He stopped and looked around and then he saw him. He told me that he found him and he was so excited and could not believe how big he was. We got him taken care of and we had no idea how to get him out of there. Thank goodness for Dave Cox, a good friend of my dads from Round Valley, came out and helped us get him out of there. It was a great hunting trip filled with great memories!


Go Farr Family said...

These are the joys of a dad's life

Wendi and Matt said...

gees ryan! thanks for blogging