Monday, October 25, 2010

Croup + Hospital Stay = No Fun

With Dallin being sick, we knew the chances of Jacob getting sick were pretty good. Friday night it hit Jacob. It started off as a cold but by Sunday morning we had worries of croup. We weren't sure if he was just hoarse and didn't know what to do. He didn't sound good and his breathing was sounding worse and worse. I ended up taking Jacob to the emergency room in Roundvalley. They immediately started breathing treatments and gave him 2 big steriod shots to help his breathing. I knew he had gotten bad but I felt so bad when they told me he needed to stay overnight because his oxygen level was so low. I was so torn as to where I should be- with Jacob or with 5 week old Hannah. Then, the doctor came back and told me they were transfering us to the Showlow hospital because they had a pediatrician doctor there. They were going to take us there in an ambulance. Dallin was jealous. After many thoughts and talking to Ryan, I decided to stay with Jacob. I knew wherever I went I would probably feel bad I wasn't in the other place. I needed 2 of me!! But I also knew Hannah and Dallin were in great hands- Ryan is an awesome Dad! As Jacob and I left to go to Showlow the tears came. It hit me I was not going to be there for Hannah (that's how I felt) and I was also exhausted. Once we got there, the fun didn't stop for Jacob. They wanted to check for pneumonia and rsv so they stuck a tube down his throat. But it came back clear and his xrays of his lungs were clear so that was a blessing- just croup. We had a long night of oxygen on Jacob and me worrying. But we all survived. Monday morning they took the oxygen off him and we had to wait 4 long hours to make sure he was ok. Jacob was a trooper and were all glad when we were driving home as a little family again. I really hope the rest of the winter is a little calmer!!

Jacob riding in the ambulance with the fun oxygen that he hated and tried to pull off many times.

Jacob being a trooper in the hospital bed hoping the morning would go faster. He couldn't go very far because he had a wire hooked up to him to watch his numbers.


the DeCampos Family said...

Lucky you!!
Glad he is feeling better and he didn't have to stay in the hospital too long.
Hopefully the kiddos stay healthy all winter and Hannah doesn't get it

Christa Johnson said...

Oh my goodness Kimberly!! What an ordeal!!!!! Man, when I was reading this post, I was right there with you feeling the exhaustion and struggling to figure out where to be... what an emotional rollercoaster!!! I hope you guys are resting today and that Jacob is doing better.
Not to be selfish, but does this mean you aren't coming to visit this week??? (I ran into your parents on Sunday)

Go Farr Family said...

I am so grateful all is well...I know how awful your time was...been there with Chad and Ryan so many hospitalazations...this time of the year in St. Johns was always my boys worse time...I think it is the cedar wood being burnt.
Way to go Ryan for being a good dad and Kimberly for being a good mom.

Wendi and Matt said...

Poor thing! glad he is ok love you!