Monday, October 11, 2010

3 weeks

I can't believe Hannah is already 3 weeks today! She is growing and getting bigger and bigger. She is a good, easy going girl! She even puts up with her brothers that love her and want to always give her kisses and see what she's doing. We just love this girl so very much!

Hannah loves her hands up by her face! She's always striking a pose!

Ryan is so cute. I think he gave Jacob maybe 2 baths. He gave Hannah a bath before me. He loves to hold her in the sink and then wants me to wash her. He's such a good dad! He loves Hannah so much!

This made me laugh. I had washed my hair one night and started to blow dry my hair. Hannah was laying on the bed and Ryan was talking to her. Probably 2 seconds after I started to blow dry my hair, Hannah was gone. She was asleep. The vacuum always makes her just sit still too.

Our cute Hannah sleeping!

Hannah wanted to get dressed up one day last week. She's so cute with her flower clip and dress!!


Wendi and Matt said...

its hard to tell how small she is but the one with her in your sink and ryans hand, she is so cute a little! Can't wait to meet her!

Christa Johnson said...

man, she is superdeduper cute!!! And soooooo small and adorable!! Keep posting, I love seeing all the pictures of her!!!
Love ya!