Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

It has been quite the week at our house. Lots of adjustments for everyone but I have to say it has gone pretty well. Of course it was a very big week for Dallin and Jacob. I was really worried about Jacob because he is a Momma's boy and gets jealous whenever I am holding anyone else. He has been just very curious and interested in Hannah. It has been so cute to watch. He is right there if she cries and will babble to her. If I say let's go check the baby, Jacob is the first one by her pac n play checking on her. Dallin is such a sweet, older brother. He always wants to hold her, kiss her, help burp and feed her. It is so sweet to see the love he has for her. Just this morning, Ryan was holding Hannah and Dallin came up to them and said "She's so little." It was cute. Ryan has been a big help with trying to make sure I'm not taking on too much. He is too cute to watch with his Princess. He says the sweetest things to her. Ryan is an awesome dad!! Stacey, Ryan's mom, has been here the last couple of days. Thanks so much! It was nice to have the extra hands and Dallin loves to do things with Grandma. My mom is on her way and we are excited to see Nana. It has been nice to have all of this help.
Now onto the star of the week- Hannah Nicole! I still look at her and am amazed that she is here. She is so sweet and precious! She is an easy going girl! Just these last 2 days she has started to be awake more and will just look at the world and seems content. She is pretty good and has given me 5 hours at night 2 times this week. I was worried to let her sleep so long but she is an ounce over her birth weight so the doctor said she can sleep as long as she wants at night. We had a doctor appt Thur and she was 5 lbs 15 oz (10%)and 19 and a half inches (25%). Yes, at birth she was 18 and a half but they say they are so curled up it's hard to get an accurate measurement. I'm just glad she is healthy. And right now I would have to say her hair color is more blonde with little darker spots in the back- no red hair! We already love this little girl so much!!!

Hannah's hospital information!

Hannah's cute face just after birth.

Grandma Stacey holding Hannah!

My Aunt Lori made these precious, matching bracelets for us! I love them!!

Hannah in her preemie outfit getting ready to leave the hospital.

This is the adorable car seat cover Ryan's family gave to Hannah! It is so cute and we got so many compliments on it just leaving the hospital. Thanks girls!!

Hannah stretching her long legs and arms.

Jacob loves his sister!!

Dallin is such a good big brother and loves Hannah so much! Whenever someone comes over and holds her, Dallin gets very protective and wants to take her.

Hannah striking a cute pose!!!

She loves to be wrapped up all snug and tight!

Look at how big her pacifier is to her face but boy does she love her paci already!!

Our cute, precious girl!


Wendi and Matt said...

so so cute! i can not wait to meet her!

Go Farr Family said...

I love all the pictures...I want you to send me the one of her and I for her book I have. Such a fun time we had...sure miss the kids...can't wait to see them this weekend for the Elk hunt

Christa Johnson said...

I just finally sat down and read your posts about Hannah!! Could she be anymore precious????!!!! I don't think so! And I love that her middle name is Nichole after Aimee, I bet Aimee helped her make the transition from that side of the veil over to your arms!
I am just so proud of you guys!!! You have such a loving family and the respect you each show to each other is sooo amazing... you can just tell how much love there is!!!!
I hope all is well, and I will have to see you when you pop on down here next time!
Love ya,