Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Boys

We have so much fun with our boys!!!

Ryan worked a 60 hour week a couple of weeks ago. The boys and I decided to go to McDonalds and watch for trucks for lunch. They loved it. We had to drive to Roundvalley for the nearest McDonalds but was well worth it.

Why do boys love garbage?? Jacob now loves to dig for treasure.

Dallin LOVES Grandma's rabbits especially the baby ones.

Poor Jacob- A couple of weeks ago he got a high fever for a couple of days. The day after it broke he got this nice fever rash. They say the rash doesn't bother them but Jacob was still grumpy. We were glad after 5 days his rash finally left and we got our happy boy back.

Dallin likes to watch Jacob eat sometimes. They laugh back and forth sometimes and takes a long time for Jacob to eat but oh well- Brothers you gotta love them.

Our sweet Dallin- he has really grown this last month. He went on a huge growth spurt and seems to have matured too. He says words we aren't even working on with him. I still find myself looking at him and am amazed at how he has blessed our family. He is my sidekick these days. He loves to watch cooking shows with me, gives me kisses everytime I ask even if he is in the other room and I tell him I need a kiss, he loves to hold my hand, and loves to just do things with me. His world is going to change again in 2 months. I really feel like he is getting all of those little moments in with me right now because he knows I will be busier with Pumpkin. I just love you so much Dallin!!!

It rained really hard the other day and I came into the room and all of my boys were watching the rain. It was so cute!!! I am so blessed!

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